Thursday, June 20, 2013

to be new

So...a month of frustration....a part of disappointment and arrival of an hectic lifestyle...definitely not to be desired but things that come on it's own. the body getting used to it, with mind wandering and thinking of things that I forgot, analyzing my mistakes, and planning my way out.

To be out of it, starting something new, with hope of a bright future..and a lively present, I would start to right something new ...

to be new,
to be changed,
of all the flaws...
the imperfections I have....

the brooding is gone,
so are high expectations,
the time to live up,
as the moment is now!

to be new,
to be practical,
immature that I was,
as a dreamer I had been....

the delusion of the best,
belief on my ways,
I had learnt to defer,
to check where it goes.

to be new,
modify the old ways,
calm the mind..sharpen a bit,
being genuine in my efforts!!

not make high hopes,
that shatters in one fall,
take each step forward,
slow and steady as I move.

to be new,
to be a fighter,
bring on the strength,
in this struggle for survival...

learn from my mistakes,
cautious not to repeat again,
to build from the start,
go on till I last !!

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