Friday, June 7, 2013

No way out..

No way out,
it's just a wait,
to keep going,
to sit idle....

Works won't affect,
nor the simple life,
just the world has it's effects.....
things to crave for,
things to desire !

I don't ask for many,
nor the want of plenty,
being just an average,
part of the crowd....

Big dreams at heart,
impulses that hurts,
just the emotions at times...
lonesome, bored and tired,
bring entangled in responsibilities....

Phases of life,
some lived, some missed out,
to brood, to wish,
little envious from inside....

the time will not return,
decisions to worry for,
just the moments to relish,
trivial, humble or modest,
being closer to what one loves !!

No sympathy needed,
sentiments being affected,
to be cared for,
exchange of some pleasantry....

changes that one awaits for,
refreshing to be least,
just for keeping the balance,
spirited, festive, making merry,
away from inactive lethargic life!!

No way out,
as I see it now,
with hope for tomorrow...
Past, present or future,
whatever it may be,
just a all needs!!

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