Saturday, August 29, 2009

you make my day...

its a lovely lively day,
joining on my way,
with a jolly good smile,
you had a lot to say,
you make my day!!

as we both walk along,
singing one cool song,
dancing and hoping on,
having sweet moment together....
you make my day!!

do I miss you much,
or its just so long,
waiting for you here,
thinking what was wrong...

I waited in vain,
had remembered , brooded...
but there was nothing to gain..
you are away, you are far..

yet it never changed all,
as you are in my heart,
and every thoughts of you,
bringing joy to my world...

like a shining sun ray....
old memories coming on my way,
what else I could say....just one thing,
you make my day!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Dental Visit

Hello friends,

its just a busy afternoon today...(just returned from my dental visit). I had two root canals ( it means 2 of my teeth are dead). Now, even if my dad a dentist, dental visit is one visit everyone fears...I don't have much problem with fillings but a bit invasive and pain is unbearable (even if for few seconds).

I always wonder, there are guys eating gutkas, pans and lots of sweets, Though I eat a few chocolates in a week...My teeth are more vunerable to decay than others!! (don't know what they see in my teeth). As per Dentist Uncle...he said that two cause of caries are common in medical for pan, gutkas and one for toffees, chocolates! I do know which catagory I belong....
Coming home, another problem begins. And you all hard food, no sweet, sticky substance...the very thing you desire to have after this dental exposure!! May be, but we really had lost taste of them in our pain...and after treatment we really can't have it for hours.
but worst part is that if I had a regular check up, it could have saved me from this exprience...(an advice to u all, learn from my mistakes).

Thats all for some of dental talks...Surely you all had same type of exprience sometime or other...
the sound of drilling machines, the spray n all..they really bring panic in heart but after coming out of the clinic we really feel relieved!! But you have to admit, its all becoz you want some sweet moments of eating sweets, toffees or chewing pan that brings you to such state.

So, keeping a dental hygiene a must for least to avoid such pain!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello friends,


As a student, this day is special to us, a morning prayer to Lord Ganesha and putting our books and study materials in his feet wishing that he will bless us and bestow us with good thoughts, concentration and the year could be good in study perspective. As he is the first among all gods in Hindu faith, every work are started every year with his name and I am wishing that he will bless me as I am starting my final year in college.

Lord Ganesha, bless us all,
the students of our country,
every shops, industries and administration..
bless us those sport persons faltering,
and the special children of India.

Bless those who are on wrong path,
make them come to mainstream,
bless us even if we do wrong,
forgiving us and help us make it right.

bless all living beings from danger,
help them fight back for their survival,
show us alternate way to save them,
and enlighten us all about our environment.

and end of with us always,
be it in good or bad,
guiding us, taking in hand...
making us bow with a divine faith,
wishing all our people a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello Friends...

First of all...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO U ALL!! you are feeling proud to be a part of this great country, so am I. We live in a country so diverse, so vibrant, so beautiful, yet showing all aspect of life ( it means,from very poor to very rich) all are take care of. Its we who decide what we want to do in our country without fear. Our government is not autocratic
like China or myanmar...Not secretive like many others. Everything is so transparent due to a very powerful media and democracy.

We have our deficiency too, you can call it corruption, crime, terrorism, hostile neighbours, those were taking a toll in our country....Though we had faced a lot of adversaries, yet we stood firm to our objectives...we had some good leaders in the past forming a strong base for a country and our all time loyal military, sacrificing there lives for saving the same. Now-a-days, though some of our leaders had taken the path of corruption, nibbling our country from the inside, they just don't think in big picture...the harm they could do....some may be in mining scam and land scam...destroying the natural beauty, some playing games with crime and making police as there servants....even some police had taken to bribery, government administrative works were all fallen to this corruption and bribery traps...all want to make money as early as possible..In this run for easy money and fame..they just don't realise that they were actually defaming the country as a whole...So, what we lack here...why our country can't progress that fast???

the answer is simple, all leaders come and go and only say of curing poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption and all but in the end become involved in themselves...some stick to making their own statues!! as if it matters...become crorepati's within months, some were busy in foreign tours, and false diplomacy, some still go for minority appeasement forgetting the cause of majority!! some were too busy in communalism to see the real India. Real India was never been religion will come to riots if not influenced by money, poverty and pervert leaders to whom they have so much faith.
what we lack here then??? See China, USA, and many others... You will realise that they just don't waste time in all there nonsense. The secularism and diversity of our country, a boon has also become a bane!!
We lack patriotism, a sense of belonging to our country, a sense which demarcate a line between our greed, selfishness and to the cause of our country. So that we could see India and our actions in larger picture!!...We know we re facing the risk from our neighbour, even our own (naxals). If only we could relieve our police and army from doing our 'babu' job, and V.I.P job's then they could easily neutralise these issues. Take the recent example of Mumbai attacks....if we stop hating our own people( read MNS ..raj thakerey, and north east) , then we could develop our country without any restriction.

We had to believe that every single of us had ability to change, we must do our job and yet keep an eye to our surrounding, we should evade bribery if it can hamper our country's progress..We should do whatever it takes to make ourselves a real Patriot....remember, we just don't need to be in army to show that we are a real patriot!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

nothing is small is all I say....

big talks n no play,
shy on or just you say?
hoping to keep the stress at bay,
worries ahead, no time to gay,
your works are where it lays!
nothing is small is all I say...
so, come out, what r u thinkin,
help them out, its all shrinkin,
everything will be gone in matter of blinkin,
come out friends its time for linkin..
nothing is small is all I say.....

yes, yeh hai aaj ka taranna,
we youngsters, its our jamanna,
to masti bhi karo aur thoda kaam,
aur phir hume hai jamane ko dikhana,
choti choti baton se hai yeh sama suhana.
jara dekho in badiyon ko, in sehro ko,
wastage of life and time..a no no,
aaj kuch to karein, aisi baat ho,
not to keep our Indian heart low,
nothing is small is all I say...

its a rap, join for the fun,
be the part of the rising sun,
the time of change, its for our run,
do our job rightly and fear for none,
small things are all we can do,
but small changes can only sew,
the tear of hatred and selfishness in our country..
nothing is small is all I say.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Think again!!

just dreaming on your way,
working in your perfect world,
just when you think its all right,
getting a shock of you life...
yet you have faith, you believe??
think again!!

being in a beach under the sun,
playing with your friends,
when you were enjoying it all,
forgetting the life you are in...
yet you have to work, you believe??
think again!!

you had a fight with friends,
got angry,abused..hurt your ego,
felt guilty, sorry for the loss,
life is so small, too precious,
yet waste it for any stress, you believe??
think again!!

never waited for someone, you proceed,
used up all life force for false things,
got dishearten, miss old times,
have some drinks, talk about it,
yet introverted, believe??
think again!!

so beautiful, so immense is the world,
to see what you hadn't been,
the knowledge to seek , to gain,
to enjoy the life to fullest,
yet you got selfish, putting a blind believe??
think again!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


It was Saturday morning and I was sitting in my house, feeling, got online, and started orkutting...I had some friends online so, had a good chat with them..In them was one of my friend from bhubaneswar. We had a chat and I told him, how I am feeling bored and wishing for a small trip somewhere. To this he replied, why not a trip to Dhauli shanti stupa. It was only 10 km from my house and nearer to his. Well, the plan looked good so I agreed. We decided that I must be ready by 4:00 pm and travel via Puri road to Samanraipur chaka, where he will meet me.

So, by 4:00 pm I was on my way, the weather was clear and good for my journey and within half an hour I reached the desired place and waited for him. I phoned him and asked him to come. As usual, he told me to wait for five minutes( read 15 minutes, its what your friend means by it). Well, I half an hour passed, he came. He hadn't had bike. So started our small journey...but as we reached Dhauli, we could see dark clouds approaching, and heavy winds....hmm, now that's what I call adventure!..

After watching the clouds, we hurried to Shanti Stupa. As we reached the top, we could see whole of bhubaneswar from there, there were heavy wind and some rain but just few sprinkling of water. We had some photo of scenery's and dark clouds, of Lord Buddha, appreciated the statues, and the fineness of works. As the wind got heavier and the rain a bit stronger, we decided to return. Sanat and I had some bada for our evening snacks and then started our return journey....

We had just reached the highway as the pounding of rain became heavier...we had to take shelter inside a shade near a dhaba, I brought some potato chip and we enjoyed the rain with the snacks. As the rain gets a bit slower, we hurried to our bike. Sanat home was near, so first we went to his house and after leaving him there, I went on my way. Now the real fun came on the way, the rain got more severe and heavy. By then I was fully wet all over my body, so I thought not to stop until I reach my house. It was evening and dark, the rain making it more difficult but driving in the rain was becoming a real fun!!...My shirt and jeans were filled with water...I was practically shivering in the cold water the only advantage was that I had my helmet on, so head was dry and it was easier to drive though.

It was not till 7:30pm that I reached my house. As I enter, I was scolded for not taking the Raincoat with me...
"but Mummy, how could I know that the weather gonna change so sudden, " I replied.
"OK, take the towel and change your clothes, I am making some tea for you" all she said.
This was the end of my brief trip but one thing, I enjoyed it not because of Dhauli, but for the fun I had while driving home...getting drenched in rain, getting wet!!]
Its fun in the rain...whats your opinion??

Friday, August 7, 2009

I asked the wind...

I asked the wind....
where are you going,
where have you been,
with so much people wanting you,
how could you be so mean?

I asked the wind,
where goes your freshness,
the wetness of a dew,
the charm of the nature,
and the tranquility of sheer being?

I had waited for you,
forgetting how you were,
how I felt when you visited,
those were the moments I cherished...
but they were now nowhere to be seen!!!

to this, the wind replied,
to explain the reason inside,
and making me lament in sorrow,
the cause for the change,
making me sorry all the same.

"it was never me who changed,
nor I wanted to deprive me,
from the company of yours,
how I wish I could stop,
still hoping you all could change"

" It was not me who deforested,
nor me who was on war,
nor feeling myself with poisonous fumes,
or the industries and all vehicles.....
it was never me who wanted all this."

"In the man's fear for men,
in the quest for riches n fame,
in the exploit of his own environment,
it was never been was never been me,
who wanted to leave the very home it always belongs"

"yes, the time has changed,
so do I without my wish,
I could do nothing as its your fate,
I will move with all you had given me,
and now blaming me for not coming???"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



today is a day of rakhi purnima or simply rakhsa bandhan... and like most of other guys, I had a younger sister too and then you can add, cousins, sister's friends, girls next door and all..
while the gals wait for this very day for so long..(nice way of getting gifts and all)..we both love it and hate it...and you know why....(pocket khali ho jata hai yaar!!) nevertheless..we enjoyed it.

so, today as usual, getting up early morning...and all puja, and then the custom of rakhi..I had gifted a 4 GB pen drive as the gift...(now this is heavy to my pocket though) and purchased chocolates for, morning was as usual the day progresses, came all the 'brothers' of my sister...her classmates, and then my friend... and some of my 'sisters'(read my sister's friends)

so we had some fun today, had some chat and gupshup..played carrom and then all the customs sister got lots of chocolates(some had gone to my stomach now!) and then we had lunch...I was with my friends and we watched T.V for some for my sister's friend they all had some fun..I could hear the music from the other room.

you too have enjoyed this Raksha bandhan very well and share some of your stories here...
hope you have enjoyed the read and my message for today for you all!!........


Monday, August 3, 2009



these last two weeks were really hectic for me. To study for exams, waking up late nights, taking stress to remember things and all... I just couldn't figure out how some guys could remain awake for 3:00 am and 4:00 am, studying late night and still managing a 2 to 3 hrs sleep for days together(I can't even control my mind if slept less than 5 to 6 hrs!!)

one of the most irritating thing that occured this year exam was cancelling of one of the exam just because wrong questions came into place. It just happened as, we had E.N.T (ear nose and throat) examination and the very day, ophthalmology questions come as a, the exam was cancelled.
that's all right but the university was only 20 km away, they could have brought that questions in 2 hrs or so, but no..we had our exams postponed to another 3 if we could face another 3 days of torture!
I was thinking about those guys who hadn't slept that night.....just to think that they were trying so hard to remember every facts and every course for the last moment and in final moment...just sitting in the examination hall, they came to know that exams had been postponed...what a heartbreak!!and then we will soon get frustrated and had loss of interest from the examination..resulting in further decrease in our performance!
some were happy as thy got more time to study as if they gonna study and utilise those time( if they hadn't done that in the first place!)
As for me, Yes I was unhappy and angry at our college, just think that the college is the apex medical college in our state and so much of negligence....whatever, I hoped for the best.
another three days..try to concentrate on studies!!

Now the exams are finished, I got must relief...gotta watch some movies, travel places for a while, and relax at home....the only worry remains now is of practical exams but, I had still 10 days to relax!!...
gotta go....hadn't had my sleep much today, today was our 'postponed' E.N.T exam...