Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Think again!!

just dreaming on your way,
working in your perfect world,
just when you think its all right,
getting a shock of you life...
yet you have faith, you believe??
think again!!

being in a beach under the sun,
playing with your friends,
when you were enjoying it all,
forgetting the life you are in...
yet you have to work, you believe??
think again!!

you had a fight with friends,
got angry,abused..hurt your ego,
felt guilty, sorry for the loss,
life is so small, too precious,
yet waste it for any stress, you believe??
think again!!

never waited for someone, you proceed,
used up all life force for false things,
got dishearten, miss old times,
have some drinks, talk about it,
yet introverted, alone..you believe??
think again!!

so beautiful, so immense is the world,
to see what you hadn't been,
the knowledge to seek , to gain,
to enjoy the life to fullest,
yet you got selfish, putting a blind eye...you believe??
think again!!

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