Saturday, August 8, 2009


It was Saturday morning and I was sitting in my house, feeling, got online, and started orkutting...I had some friends online so, had a good chat with them..In them was one of my friend from bhubaneswar. We had a chat and I told him, how I am feeling bored and wishing for a small trip somewhere. To this he replied, why not a trip to Dhauli shanti stupa. It was only 10 km from my house and nearer to his. Well, the plan looked good so I agreed. We decided that I must be ready by 4:00 pm and travel via Puri road to Samanraipur chaka, where he will meet me.

So, by 4:00 pm I was on my way, the weather was clear and good for my journey and within half an hour I reached the desired place and waited for him. I phoned him and asked him to come. As usual, he told me to wait for five minutes( read 15 minutes, its what your friend means by it). Well, I half an hour passed, he came. He hadn't had bike. So started our small journey...but as we reached Dhauli, we could see dark clouds approaching, and heavy winds....hmm, now that's what I call adventure!..

After watching the clouds, we hurried to Shanti Stupa. As we reached the top, we could see whole of bhubaneswar from there, there were heavy wind and some rain but just few sprinkling of water. We had some photo of scenery's and dark clouds, of Lord Buddha, appreciated the statues, and the fineness of works. As the wind got heavier and the rain a bit stronger, we decided to return. Sanat and I had some bada for our evening snacks and then started our return journey....

We had just reached the highway as the pounding of rain became heavier...we had to take shelter inside a shade near a dhaba, I brought some potato chip and we enjoyed the rain with the snacks. As the rain gets a bit slower, we hurried to our bike. Sanat home was near, so first we went to his house and after leaving him there, I went on my way. Now the real fun came on the way, the rain got more severe and heavy. By then I was fully wet all over my body, so I thought not to stop until I reach my house. It was evening and dark, the rain making it more difficult but driving in the rain was becoming a real fun!!...My shirt and jeans were filled with water...I was practically shivering in the cold water the only advantage was that I had my helmet on, so head was dry and it was easier to drive though.

It was not till 7:30pm that I reached my house. As I enter, I was scolded for not taking the Raincoat with me...
"but Mummy, how could I know that the weather gonna change so sudden, " I replied.
"OK, take the towel and change your clothes, I am making some tea for you" all she said.
This was the end of my brief trip but one thing, I enjoyed it not because of Dhauli, but for the fun I had while driving home...getting drenched in rain, getting wet!!]
Its fun in the rain...whats your opinion??

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