Saturday, August 29, 2009

you make my day...

its a lovely lively day,
joining on my way,
with a jolly good smile,
you had a lot to say,
you make my day!!

as we both walk along,
singing one cool song,
dancing and hoping on,
having sweet moment together....
you make my day!!

do I miss you much,
or its just so long,
waiting for you here,
thinking what was wrong...

I waited in vain,
had remembered , brooded...
but there was nothing to gain..
you are away, you are far..

yet it never changed all,
as you are in my heart,
and every thoughts of you,
bringing joy to my world...

like a shining sun ray....
old memories coming on my way,
what else I could say....just one thing,
you make my day!!!


Vinayak said...

nice poem
keep it up
i liked it

᠌L̶f̶A̶n̶A̶g̶a̶᠌ said...

Hey YAAR Lovely Poem

keep it up


gud poetry dude..but isn't it so long...don't feel bad..its my own feeling tats it check out my blog

if u like it u may follow tat

Anonymous said...

nice poem..........
Keep writing
check my blog here

Dan* said...

nice one :-)