Monday, August 3, 2009



these last two weeks were really hectic for me. To study for exams, waking up late nights, taking stress to remember things and all... I just couldn't figure out how some guys could remain awake for 3:00 am and 4:00 am, studying late night and still managing a 2 to 3 hrs sleep for days together(I can't even control my mind if slept less than 5 to 6 hrs!!)

one of the most irritating thing that occured this year exam was cancelling of one of the exam just because wrong questions came into place. It just happened as, we had E.N.T (ear nose and throat) examination and the very day, ophthalmology questions come as a, the exam was cancelled.
that's all right but the university was only 20 km away, they could have brought that questions in 2 hrs or so, but no..we had our exams postponed to another 3 if we could face another 3 days of torture!
I was thinking about those guys who hadn't slept that night.....just to think that they were trying so hard to remember every facts and every course for the last moment and in final moment...just sitting in the examination hall, they came to know that exams had been postponed...what a heartbreak!!and then we will soon get frustrated and had loss of interest from the examination..resulting in further decrease in our performance!
some were happy as thy got more time to study as if they gonna study and utilise those time( if they hadn't done that in the first place!)
As for me, Yes I was unhappy and angry at our college, just think that the college is the apex medical college in our state and so much of negligence....whatever, I hoped for the best.
another three days..try to concentrate on studies!!

Now the exams are finished, I got must relief...gotta watch some movies, travel places for a while, and relax at home....the only worry remains now is of practical exams but, I had still 10 days to relax!!...
gotta go....hadn't had my sleep much today, today was our 'postponed' E.N.T exam...

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