Sunday, June 27, 2010


I was just watching the channel V and its new serials Roomies promo, where a gal writing blog about her roommates and I thought why not write one of mine...
not that I have some extra-ordinary friends but yet they are different in some way!!...we are a bunch of average guys being friend, we talk, play , study and do what you usually see in boys hostel but still each one of my roommates and friends are unique in some way.
First is Himanshu...or papu as his pet name, "papu can't dance sala" still holds good for him but he his good at studies and yes, papu pass to ho jayega..he he. He has got a unique characteristic shouting tendency..whenever we are busy studying, and a pin drop silence in the room...he would just take hold of something, a pillow, a hairbrush, or a bottle and throw it towards us with a shrilling sound like something of a horror show..he he. Again he also use the same sound when he poke us with his finger on back, sides belly...anywhere just to irritate us or disturb us..not that he use it always, it only help us to forget the boredom in our room..otherwise he got a normal sense of mind . Other times when not studying or irritating us, he would just talk in phone with his girlfriend.

Second comes Sambit or we call him Sambha, Suna or anything we want. His speciality is dirtyness...just count them...doesn't wash is cloths, keep them for months in his cupboard or say dustbin..eats Pan masala(Safal), spit from our windows making it little dirty..just opposite of Papu, the most cleanest person in our hostel..(use branded creams, powder, face wash...always maintain and wash his cloths, bedsheets).
Where was I?..yes, Sambha..he is just busy chatting with his girlfriend like a child..(I mean talking like a child)..or in his new Nokia touch screen mobile downloading videos, photos or latest software. Anything thats good about him is his clarity of mind about things we study or general knowledge, software, technical fields, physics...sometimes I think he should have been in IIT rather than Medicals...hmm, anyway for all his dirtiness and talking at night(and taking my sleep thing I hate about him) he has got a good brain...good enough for me to understand the subject or different software watch videos.
Now it comes to me..I am the middle of both of them, neither am I dirty nor I got a sense of cleanliness but the time I have in my room..I am just the average of both of my house is near our hostel so every Saturday, Sunday I am off to my home.
So, this much is all I have known about my roommates in my 3 yr of hostel life and yes, I do feel lucky to have I know others in our hostel..I could have the worst!!