Saturday, January 29, 2011

Confession of a foodie :P

I am foodie,
and I am proud to be,
with flavors and fragrance many,
I would love any new eatable wannabe!!

Not that I skip the regulars,
or be mad for some junk ones,
but it's the desire to taste new,
that make me check up the menu!!

Indian, Continental or Chinese,
just serve it on my table,
anything Veg or Non-veg,
will give equal respects to the label!!

I think of foods, how many I could have,
in this ocean of recipes, which one be my next,
I visit places, locations on my map,
each time expecting something feathers on my cap!!

Fool are those who eat monotonous,
then why are we here in this world?
God has sent us here, with such appetite...
why waste our time in restricting one!!

Yes, price a problem,
and then there is traveling,
but then, Nothing comes free,
doing a little hard-work won't affect if,
The return would fulfill my belly...
yes, this is the confession .....of a foodie!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


On the crossroad,
directions unknown,
and there was I,

looking the horizon.

Had I been there for long,
or was just on my own,

moving on,looking out,

believing me for what I got!

It was a hot day,
harsh were the sun rays,
morning was just a memory,

the fun, the fresh being the meadow!
the path half taken,

still half needed to go,

decisions to take up soon,

yet here I was in another crossroad.

there were many, many yet to come,
my mind, heart, and the faith being tested,
but still a little rest could do,
moment to recall, to feel the past.
people, companions came and go,

teaches us a thing or two,
but in heart we got to know..

destiny is one, alone had to go!

Cool breeze touches my face,

cold earth in my feet,
evening sets in, calling me..

more path to cover, something new to discover,

so, I went, took a road I needed to,
hoping to get some, or fulfill inside,

looking back a little, crossroads of past,
waiting for a new one to rest decide....where to go!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just questions :)

what I become,
what I tried to be,
had my responsibility is on to me?

what I thought,
what I expected to be,
had my experience not enough to me?

what I desired,
what I wanted to be,
had I accomplished what I got in me?

what I am doing,
what are my actions to be,
had I performed much I could ever be?

What I perceived,
what influence I had on me,
had I imparted on others the skills within?

what I had the aim,
or the path of destiny to be,
had I found or being near to realize the true me?

yes, these are the few..
or the questions you would ask,
but still its you, thoughts, acts, desires,
that make us what I wanted or deserved....
nearer or farther to the destiny, connect to the one...we ever be!!

just a few thoughts on this day of Swami Vivekananda's Birthday...and National youth day!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

first flight..

it's morning, the sun so early...
or just my eyes want it to be,
fresh air in my lungs,
swelling as the sky up there,
preparing for my first flight!!

branches feels so new,
old barks falling though few,
supporting the huge ambitions,
helping me as it knew,
steering me to this flight.

I took my stand, ready to take off..
little wayward but still on path,
wings resist as the gravity calls,
falling in trajectory to
the ground..
but I hold rebellious flight.

the wind wails, fierce it becomes,
the sky so blue...reaching the clouds,
everything so different, the freedom exhilarating
feeling the cold, the excitement so more..
and there was I on my fearless flight..

but someone is calling...asking my attention,
my family and friends on my side..asking to return,
"you have done great, now back to home...
its the only place you have to come"
thus ended my first, my own first flight!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New year

So, New year came, a little celebration, unending resolutions, some hopes and some plans being made.

I had some fun myself..parties and hang-out....whatever we as a youngster take as fun!...but that's for me, and most of our kind!! Lets come to a common thought we all had..full of well wishes, greeting cards, sweets and you know what!
For me, I had spent hours just calling friends and messaging those whoever come to my mind, anyone left out means lot of accusation and hurt, but it doesn't matter when its done for a day..Someone is at Nightclub, pub, or a group outing or some new innovation, New year is a time people have taken for celebration, though sometimes I think as in India, why actually we follow so much of English Calender!!

Confused? well we lot are because most of us don't know our original calender, our new may say all over world, new year is like this only..but most of them are descendants from Europe...Chinese have there own New year, Then someone will say that we have different states each having there own new year/day for celebration...some take Diwali as new year, Baisakhi somewhere, Hindus have April 4 say falgun purnami and many others but still as a country we hadn't develop ours!!

Then it occurs to me....why should I think this lot, If there is a celebration then enjoy it...We in India love holidays and celebration but anyway, we should have some new year for ourselves..but till then, this is our new year...and my resolution would be....
stop think these nonsense and do some work!! :) :P
what about yours?