Monday, January 3, 2011

New year

So, New year came, a little celebration, unending resolutions, some hopes and some plans being made.

I had some fun myself..parties and hang-out....whatever we as a youngster take as fun!...but that's for me, and most of our kind!! Lets come to a common thought we all had..full of well wishes, greeting cards, sweets and you know what!
For me, I had spent hours just calling friends and messaging those whoever come to my mind, anyone left out means lot of accusation and hurt, but it doesn't matter when its done for a day..Someone is at Nightclub, pub, or a group outing or some new innovation, New year is a time people have taken for celebration, though sometimes I think as in India, why actually we follow so much of English Calender!!

Confused? well we lot are because most of us don't know our original calender, our new may say all over world, new year is like this only..but most of them are descendants from Europe...Chinese have there own New year, Then someone will say that we have different states each having there own new year/day for celebration...some take Diwali as new year, Baisakhi somewhere, Hindus have April 4 say falgun purnami and many others but still as a country we hadn't develop ours!!

Then it occurs to me....why should I think this lot, If there is a celebration then enjoy it...We in India love holidays and celebration but anyway, we should have some new year for ourselves..but till then, this is our new year...and my resolution would be....
stop think these nonsense and do some work!! :) :P
what about yours?

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Anonymous said...

hey... a couple of typos in the post.. guess it was the hangover effects of a party...but overall, a nice post!