Sunday, December 26, 2010

the year end..

the its end,
time leaving , not to be back,
was it memories..good or bad,
a new resolutions to look ahead.

so, is this a celebration,

or there's party to have some,

just to enjoy the moments,

jubilant is the nation.

what about us..we people,

everyone with there life to be lived,
fun to have, dreams to achieve,

set some goals to perceive.

but still its a day,few to pass,
and there it is opening eyes,

new dawn of a new year....
just to bring in new things from it's box.

the year will go, as the new comes,
we stand there, with ourselves,

passing by, will be our world,

along with we will decide.

we could do anything,

party, sleep, or hang-out,

resolution to make or break,

and there are we all looking forward....

for a new year to hopes, new aspirations, to come!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patterns for you

The shapes and the sizes,
also colors so different,
and they are all being present...
if we just look around!!

I see faces, I see life,
or just a simple sign,
I see structures, I see vibe,
and also the mature of mine.

Its on the walls, it's on the sky,
or you could observe it in daily life,
It's in your dream, it's in your aim,
or it's the destiny, for which you thrive.

Isn't it apparent, we so blind,
or may be the time haven't arrive,
but the patterns still emerging,
keeping them all in your sight.

You may say it's all fiction,
or just a figment of imaginative mind,
but it's not me, it's not about you,
It's just the pattern of our view.

Patterns it is, we just need to look,
and search for some of unanswered thoughts,
you may not find, it's so abstract,
but still there is always a pattern for you!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

patriots...come on!

Patriots, bring all..
competition calling, your people asking,
what if fallen behind,
come on and lead us in front.

we know money matters,
also a easy life we ask for,
but still there should be a cause,
one should stand for!!

yes, enjoy your part,
also run for your desire,
only making some changes,
taking en route to your country.

globalization, a world, it should be,
but forced interests are on us,
what way, it will take,
up or down is all we go!!

patriots, that's what all I ask for,
because, in your heart, you know..
this is what you ever wanted to be
just a little blurred it's becoming !!

patriotism say a lot about country's interest,
all we talk but little we do,
why should others do, it's your home too,
don't you know what we are going through?

past can't be changed but future so alive,
just the present is rotting away,
holding it is all we doing..
so, just don't sit back and watch,
come out, it's what a patriot in you wants!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Consequence...a story

its wet and cold,
as these irregular projections hits me...
and there I was fallen,
tired and exhausted.

I couldn't walk, not anymore,
fought so much, weak I become,
sensation lost..feeling so numb,
waiting for someone, a hand to hold.

It was never like this,
it never meant to be,
there were riches, fame,
that's all surrounding me.

every thing good belongs to me,
exotic, rare collection being,
dreams had no time to think,
ohh...those times, are all I have seen.

its full moon now, wind so harsh,
have I being ignorant of this fact,
tides come and go...sound so more..
difficult to concentrate or hear my thoughts.

everything was easy then...not so now,
there new emotions and grief coming how?
introspective, or just memories,
its only the results of the seeds I sow.

I had my chance, but so ignorant,
had my pride or ego making me truant?
now, being defeated, waiting to die,
alone, battered, tired fallen on this island.

I should have stopped...the path I had taken,
but near ones too busy, blinded by status,
I would have changed but no time to repent,
still being enlightened after all this.

My story, my thoughts will go with me,
but the reality will remain so be,
and I will see, wish to god,
No other one would face the consequence like me...