Saturday, February 27, 2010

last week in college

Hello friends..

hadn't written much these months because of being busy at the college...Its our last month of classes in our college and last week being enjoyed in full swing!!..
We had this interesting concept to enjoy our last weeks of college, where each day we would dress in some cool way, a type of fancy dress and attend the classes!!...

For Monday--> Men in Black...all of the students wear black shirt, pants, black shoes, black googles and some with black caps...

For Tuesday-->Tapori style, wearing dirty/ shiny shirts, googles, chain, knife, handkerchief being tied on the pants, on forehead, wearing small accessories like ear ring, ring over the eyes{obviusly not pierced!!}, thumb rings...for a cool attitude!

For Wednusday--> it was desi/ Odia style....thats kurta and dhoti!!....

For Thusday--> Bathroom attend college wearing towel, vests/ banyans..some also took balti, mug and toothbrush with them!!...and singing...All izz well.....

For Friday--> fancy dress...sadhu baba, raja, women{in Saree}

So all and all we had some fun..though I missed the last two but still we enjoyed the class....our teacher were at first surprised but then its a tradition being held for many years so they didn't say much against it!...

It was funny at first to watch people reaction for us when we went being Tapori and also in bathroom style as they were confused to see medical students in this attire...our classes are little far from our hostel so it was inevitable, the patients, people looked at us bit puzzled and surprised but then, it was all we wanted....

College life is indeed fun though its our last year in the college!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

a lonely traveller

a lonely traveller,
some windy day,
wearing a big hat,
gleaming in sun ray...
which way his path.,
or what's his destination,
keeping some secrets,
he is moving away....

it's all sand over his feet,
with patches of clothes being stitched,
and a bag on his back,
treading the road with the beat....
was he tired, or he bored,
drops of sweat on the forehead,
somewhere to be fresh,
or just wear the same dirty dress!!

we just watched as he crossed,
curious our eyes, checking him up,
the children teasing, the toddlers play,
while the grown-up busy with hay,
but I wanted more or just a greed,
went near and asked what he need,
he looked at me, frowning a bit,
then he smiles as he speaks....

"just travelling the places,
exploring the new,
unknown is my destiny,
unsettled are my views....
following my heart,
enjoying these moments,
I am moving on...
whichever the way!!

So, son..I don't need anything,
as everything is around me,
yet you can wish me luck,
to find what I want to see"...
I was confused and puzzled,
why should anyone be like this?
but one side of mine adored him,
the life he has, the freedom he gets!!

So, goes the lonely traveller,
with his hopes and his wishes,
leaving behind a trail,
a path to be taken,
as the children wave from behind,
he waves back with a smile,
he may not return back, we may not see...
but still a good memory it will be!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

guess who we are?

just trying to write different poetry, putting my imagination to a roll..hope you all like it...

swinging with the wind,
running on the field,
watching them take a feed,
storing up what I need...
days in and days out,
we just have to shout,
search everywhere being curious,
enjoying ourselves without a doubt!!

we had friends, we had foes,
yet someone near evoke our cries,
some got caught, other survived,
few got born, few dies..
we still had faith, still had the spirit,
still holding on, we had the grit,
but its inevitable, chances so bleak,
somewhere down, we were not fit.

alas they came, day,
we didn't had our last say,
some left, running for life,
yet we didn't desert our way...
home shattered, we breathed our last,
on our beautiful place the death had cast,
we could see them laughing, wanting some more,
not had much ended so fast!!...

we being nothing, voice so weak,
we had some friends but they didn't speak,
not supporting us, they let us vanish,
our only hope getting so meek...
guess who we are, in your conscience,
find us everywhere and be nice,
use power to restore not left out,
or just use us as your game of dice??

Saturday, February 6, 2010


hello friends...

Just thinking how could we get influenced by small things as I was watching a reality show in T.V. Why a person be thinking about the life of this guy/gal in reality show, their family..I couldn't get it. To it, add the emotional 'drama', and background music..we could feel their someone, defend something...

Then I was watching some debate in News about the ideologies and the hate politics in mumbai by sena (shiv sena, MNS)...the guy representing MNS/Sena are directly supporting their view..when asked about their use of violence a method of propagating their ideologies..he said that our leaders are just opposing it, we can't stop some of our activist from taking violence..they were not at all taking the responsibility of influencing the young minds!!..

let me ask them a simple question ...if human mind can be influenced to become a killer machine or act as human bomb {jehadi leaders}...can't it be just influenced for act of violence...against the government {read naxalites, kashmiri separists}, against so called migrants {read Shiv sena, MNS}..against race {read recent attacks on Indians in Australia}

Now comes the responsibility of it doing enough to protect the thinking of our it acting against these anti-social gentlemen??..or any effective method been devised to divert the minds..How could Sena influence its cadre to be against being called as Indians?? against Sachin...national icon!!

Talking about influence, how could we miss this entire debate of culture, morality, western influence....we had recently heard about moral policing...let me tell my view on it..
Morality can not be forced on someone..
It should be accepted as a respected tool..

for this, T.V, Movies, current globalisation, everything is responsible..we cannot stop it..but we can make our culture more attractive towards the others..or else how could be ISKON, Hindu religion becoming popular outside??...Why not popularise Panchatantra, Bikram betal. Akabar birbal..each one could indirectly influence the young mind towards the good as I have studies those..I know!!

Influence is the key used by many politicians,businessman, people to propagate their agenda..we were bound to be affected by it!!..The only thing the government need effectively it increases the good influence on us and protecting us against the bad.