Sunday, February 21, 2010

a lonely traveller

a lonely traveller,
some windy day,
wearing a big hat,
gleaming in sun ray...
which way his path.,
or what's his destination,
keeping some secrets,
he is moving away....

it's all sand over his feet,
with patches of clothes being stitched,
and a bag on his back,
treading the road with the beat....
was he tired, or he bored,
drops of sweat on the forehead,
somewhere to be fresh,
or just wear the same dirty dress!!

we just watched as he crossed,
curious our eyes, checking him up,
the children teasing, the toddlers play,
while the grown-up busy with hay,
but I wanted more or just a greed,
went near and asked what he need,
he looked at me, frowning a bit,
then he smiles as he speaks....

"just travelling the places,
exploring the new,
unknown is my destiny,
unsettled are my views....
following my heart,
enjoying these moments,
I am moving on...
whichever the way!!

So, son..I don't need anything,
as everything is around me,
yet you can wish me luck,
to find what I want to see"...
I was confused and puzzled,
why should anyone be like this?
but one side of mine adored him,
the life he has, the freedom he gets!!

So, goes the lonely traveller,
with his hopes and his wishes,
leaving behind a trail,
a path to be taken,
as the children wave from behind,
he waves back with a smile,
he may not return back, we may not see...
but still a good memory it will be!!


janardan raju said...

your blog is nice........
Keep it up.

littleWriter (Anunoy) said...

simply captivated my imagination! a nice details... reflects ur keen eyes.... rite usage of words.... nothing is wrong it seems!.... wan more 4m u... pls infrm me wen u write agn....

Anonymous said...

After a long time on your blog....
read your last two posts..

You writes really well
keep writing man