Friday, February 12, 2010

guess who we are?

just trying to write different poetry, putting my imagination to a roll..hope you all like it...

swinging with the wind,
running on the field,
watching them take a feed,
storing up what I need...
days in and days out,
we just have to shout,
search everywhere being curious,
enjoying ourselves without a doubt!!

we had friends, we had foes,
yet someone near evoke our cries,
some got caught, other survived,
few got born, few dies..
we still had faith, still had the spirit,
still holding on, we had the grit,
but its inevitable, chances so bleak,
somewhere down, we were not fit.

alas they came, day,
we didn't had our last say,
some left, running for life,
yet we didn't desert our way...
home shattered, we breathed our last,
on our beautiful place the death had cast,
we could see them laughing, wanting some more,
not had much ended so fast!!...

we being nothing, voice so weak,
we had some friends but they didn't speak,
not supporting us, they let us vanish,
our only hope getting so meek...
guess who we are, in your conscience,
find us everywhere and be nice,
use power to restore not left out,
or just use us as your game of dice??


Rulers!! said...

Nice one!

littleWriter (Anunoy) said...

nice one indeed... cud hv been better widout ur effort of sustaining line2line rhyimg... cheers n kp writing!

Anonymous said...

Itz amazing buddy... truly beautiful.
It sound like some pink floy lyrics...
Liked ur blog... i think ill be regular here....

siddharth said...

agree with littleWriter about the rhyming..otherwise it's a good start. keep writing :)

Reeta Seru said...

great poem