Tuesday, December 29, 2009

was content better or greediness??

Blow of the wind..
or the flow of the river,
never stops for someone,
just move on there way.
had it been the mountain,
or our old banyan tree,
being patient, steady..
resisting them and be free.

Just watch the vulnerable fish,
risking life to go upstream...
or the poor dolphins in the water,
watching us and beam.
the believe, faith they have,
or the mere experience...
but yet with such sincerity,
use their natural sense!!

They grow where been planted,
never strayed from herd,
but it's being so predictable,
and made us so feared.
many things we watch in them,
few do we ever understand,
yet intelligent one always say..
always learn from the nature!!

We as human had excelled,
for survival of the fittest,
and dominating mother earth,
our genes became the best.
but we falter..try to overdo,
as we exploited the resources,
trying to get the alternative route
and now had to fight among ourselves!

Truth is simple..we would face,
or perish with our foolishness,
just a question being at heart..
was content better or greediness??

Thursday, December 24, 2009

life has so much to give!!

Take time to live,
life has so much to give!!

Running all days,
sleeping so little,
it's all about race,
we want to win!!

Why look at sides,
if we falter in our line,
days come and goes,
memories only grows,

Some regrets or recall,
why not give life a call,
don't be monotonous,
get refreshed....relax!!

Look at world..there so much,
revitalise your senses,
explore, experience, observe
just open the fences!!

Its the desire of freedom,
everyone feels, never says,
friends, families and oneself
it's where your happiness lays!!

Don't ignore, or run,
take out some time...for fun,
take time to live,
life has so much to give!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

fire in our mess

Hello friends..

This is a incidence that happened in our mess this week and I would like to share it with you all.
It was just another day and we were having a lunch in our mess..it was Friday and we had chicken meal and mess a bit crowded. we were having lunch and chat all along.

It such happened that I noticed all guys are running with tightly enclosing there ear with there fingers as if there is a bomb in the room. I too panicked seeing them running like that and we too (me n my friends) started running toward the door and through it to outside to our room. All the way I was thinking what could be the cause...a practical joke, a bomb ??...

After asking some of my friends I realised that the cylinder of our mess was on fire ( just the gas pipes though) and it really gave me a scare. Everyone panicked, no one dared to enter the kitchen...what if the cylinder bursts!!...some of the mess members run to fetch someone. And we students were watching from a distance with our ear close and heart in our mouth, what will happen. Someone is saying to put water on it, or sand. We didn't have fire extinguisher in our mess so hadn't much option. Few student were showing some courage by going little nearer to have a better view ( as if they can control the fire if it bursts).

After many tiring minutes, one of the member brought a fire extinguisher from somewhere and courageously controlled the fire. We all relaxed, some of students captured photo of the cylinder and the men who had done such courageous act.

Though everything became normal still it gave some scare to us...just think if it would have be burst with we inside the mess, our life would have been in danger. Precaution should have to be taken to prevent such incidence and a fire extinguisher a must for such place . Hope they mess manager would took such precaution to provide security against these unfavourable events!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

separate statehood??

Hello friends,

I know this is a burning issue which have been on a rise in India...Media and news showing the hunger strikes, burning of buses, bandhs all over Andhra pradesh for Telangana....same with the issue of Gorkhaland,...and recently Mayawati wanting to divide UP and bringing still another three states as Bundelkhand, Haritpradesh and Purvanchal!!

Till date 9 states are pending in state. Just to think that Sardar Patel would have been happy to see he way the Nation is crumbling for which he had done so much!!. I don't know much about politics, the issues of concern or the validity of such issues. But just as a responsible learned citizen I would like to give my point of view on the same....

To start with the fact that there is rising trend of regionality in our country...something our regional small parties openly supporting. We can't blame them as its us supporting them....everyone have a reason, some says its all because these regions are underdeveloped, given less importance, some for there identity...its what shows in the emotions of the people. But let me ask a simple question, how could they get deprived in a institute made by themselves??

Some state leaders and regional parties are taking this issue to a whole different level, like our U.P chief minister Mayawati...Have you ever wondered what will the people gain with a separate state or what did they loose if the state will not divide?? The life will go on as usual, No one wants a state...they just want there demand be met!!

Then who will get profit from a separate state....Its the politicians as usual. A new state means new big offices, more money from to centre to gobble or to use. They are taking there chance for the same. But there are some genuine issues too...may be Telangana have some. In any case you just cannot justify breaking a Nation into pieces and advertising regionalism. Anyone can give any reason for dividing the country...You need heart to keep it as one!!

Note--> The things written is entirely my view and I am not intended to hurt any sentiments!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

strife within

Strife within,
asking me out...
which way am I in?
which is the right place to be....
not a place I want to hide,
nor do I ask to revive,
old times, good times...
moments, so little to lose!!

strife within,
for what I am...
my actions and reactions,
acts done willing or non-willing....
could have been better,
got more respect and power,
but then its all in us,
knowing and upbringing!!

strife within,
as I try to reason..
something is just faith,
hard work and luck with...
yes, I desire for more,
but that's so human nature,
accept things as it is,
and world a better place for me!!

strife within,
and all I ask you...
think and make your move,
a path you want to be...
tread on unknown..
or just queue up,
but the end be same,
just the memories being left!!