Friday, December 4, 2009

strife within

Strife within,
asking me out...
which way am I in?
which is the right place to be....
not a place I want to hide,
nor do I ask to revive,
old times, good times...
moments, so little to lose!!

strife within,
for what I am...
my actions and reactions,
acts done willing or non-willing....
could have been better,
got more respect and power,
but then its all in us,
knowing and upbringing!!

strife within,
as I try to reason..
something is just faith,
hard work and luck with...
yes, I desire for more,
but that's so human nature,
accept things as it is,
and world a better place for me!!

strife within,
and all I ask you...
think and make your move,
a path you want to be...
tread on unknown..
or just queue up,
but the end be same,
just the memories being left!!


Dan* said...

i couldn't get this..... maybe i dont poetry's

mk said...

well..actually it just shows a person's struggle to know his path for life,
and to know if he is doing right things!!

Anonymous said...

story of ?? :)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

poems are not for me!

Thanks a lot for taking time to go through my blog. In one way or other you have encouraged me to keep on blogging.
Thanks a lot!

angel from heaven said...

simple but made the point easily.I liked it.