Tuesday, December 29, 2009

was content better or greediness??

Blow of the wind..
or the flow of the river,
never stops for someone,
just move on there way.
had it been the mountain,
or our old banyan tree,
being patient, steady..
resisting them and be free.

Just watch the vulnerable fish,
risking life to go upstream...
or the poor dolphins in the water,
watching us and beam.
the believe, faith they have,
or the mere experience...
but yet with such sincerity,
use their natural sense!!

They grow where been planted,
never strayed from herd,
but it's being so predictable,
and made us so feared.
many things we watch in them,
few do we ever understand,
yet intelligent one always say..
always learn from the nature!!

We as human had excelled,
for survival of the fittest,
and dominating mother earth,
our genes became the best.
but we falter..try to overdo,
as we exploited the resources,
trying to get the alternative route
and now had to fight among ourselves!

Truth is simple..we would face,
or perish with our foolishness,
just a question being at heart..
was content better or greediness??


᠌L̶f̶A̶n̶A̶g̶a̶᠌ said...

Nice Poem Dude

jaggu said...

cool one .. But i think u could better it with a bit of rhyming..

'truth is simple..we would face,
or perish with our foolishnes'

very true.