Sunday, January 3, 2010

being you as my friend.

Hey friends, just tried a new romantic poetry/song....hope you would like it!!...
apprieciate your comments--->

I had been there,
waiting for you ,
behind those dreams,
aspirations, your desires....
looking for you,
searching in your eyes,
insecure, nervous ,
saving those innocent cries!!

no matter the odd, you came,
not a moment did you blame,
strengthening that small part in me..
writing just your name...
softer, deeper I had gone,
with those sincere efforts,
and I waited, to be mend,
tender touch used to blend!!

and I changed...
being you as my friend,

I had been there,
waiting for you ,
with renewed hopes,
and the faith in us....
believing in you,
fearing the inevitable,
but gal..I'm so true,
its our love I only knew!!

have patience, we will wait,
time will come, will come the date,
we will be together, be complete,
be happy forever as we met...
till then have faith,
in us..our relation,
we will remember, keep at heart..
just know I will be there!!

and life would be changed..
being you as my friend.