Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its all about the media..

We always think that the media is the fourth pillar of gives us the news we required to know. But still there are a lot of exaggeration in any story it shows..just because competition, getting had its effect on the people who blindly follow it!!

Take the fact-->

say why there is increase in incidence of attack on Indians these few years ...why there is growing level of insecurities between them??

why people like Raj thakeray, get publicity and popularising them to such an extent that there are ill thoughts about people from other region??..don't they see sooner or later same treatment they will get from other states??

How come a state of Telangana demand get the front page just due to someone fasting for it??..
sooner it led to riots, strikes and that required??...that too against a government that they choose??...

There are a lot of such incidences where Media popularises things which are not good for the society just to increase their viewership!!...They would never take the blame to themselves just like a politician playing dirty game trying to show us that they were right but the situation showed them wrong.

Playing with easy method to get instant fame, publicity but having a far after-effect!!...what really saddens me is that we the people, the responsible citizens living here easily fall in these traps. Its not always money for us but the faith we have on our leaders, we idolise them...not seeing the simple fact that they are too like us..humans with both good thing and bad thing in them. They too carve for money, and they also could take the meaner route for the same...we on our part must behave more responsibly and not to react to these small issues.
It will at least stop making it big!!..

Now come to Media..what we need is a regularisation of issues to be shown or not to be shown..
everything should be scrutinised and simpler, intelligent ways should be applied to display it!!..In a way that it wouldn't affect us so much that we would be on streets protesting for it.
Lets hope we would be responsible enough for this..!!

It not all about media, it's all about us.


Anonymous said...

sure you have a point here about regulation of media...but if you're saying that an issue like Telengana is not worth viewership, i beg to differ. sure there are several things that make news that aren't even worth a watch, but there are many points in your post i don't agree with....

just a matter of opinion

keep writing!


mk said...

@sanz..You misinterprited it. I don't mind viewership..but the way it is shown sparks people mind leading to riots and have seen that!!..

Dan* said...

agree same things happen in pakistan.... politics sux