Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As the year is moving way,
out of frame, dreams at bay,
and new hopes coming along,
comes the future so young.

we had exprienced till,
and it taught us still,
but we will change,
to keep ourself in range.

there were time for joy,
and things which gave us woe,
but the tide will soon be gone,
as our faith in our heart is on.

feeling, emotions will be there,
and celebration are to share,
pain, fear and sadness of past,
couldn't be forgetten in a haste.

will not regret the year of past,
and with blessings of the one,
friends and family being there,
all the people we much care.

forget the grudge and the worries,
not fear or be sorry,
the way ahead will bring you cheer,
and my friends...A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I also want to say one thing to you....
go on believing until you don't have a reason not to...
and it will take you to the path you always want to.....
A very very worthy....HAPPY NEW YEAR

Thursday, December 25, 2008


This day is one,
nothing special to me,
its not my festival,
to treat or enjoying with.
with festivals many,
and happiness abound,
why be thinking of this day,
and come to feel the season around.
well, its not this ,
nor the presents or treats,
but just the emotions it had,
and the good thing it shows.
its the Christmas spirit,
and the things it teaches,
making people to be glad,
be humble, generous to hearts.
yes, I love this spirit,
for it shows the true humanity,
and so I enjoy this for,
making world peaceful with sanity.
festivals are many among,
with different cultures and religion,
and so I love all for one,
spreading friendship as relation.
so friends and all listen this,
enjoy and admire the thoughts,
and enjoy the feeling of festivals...
as I enjoy them, MERRY CHRISTMAS.....

Saturday, December 20, 2008


A good luck is all we need,
to live our life to fullest,
a good luck is all we need,
to show the world our creative best.

what is this and how,
asked by us all time,
why it be so different for all,
some being rich and some only dime.

thus I had the question asked,
to me with a lot of faith,
as the knowledge has value,
for someone's life or death.

and the answer I got is all,
but confusing in every sense.
its not on karma or grace,
but anyone's goodwill as a base.

you move on in your life,
and the goodwill is always,
supporting and caring to you,
bright as a sunbeam rays.

being young from your parents,
to young with your actions,
with experience you receive,
some inherited and some just comes.

every luck is a cause,
result of all that you do,
and all knowledge you use,
and being in right side too.

so came one question to me,
as a doubt in my mind,
what if the person is wrong,
then...it's just GOOD LUCK it seems.

and hence stopped my exploration,
and the pondering for a cause,
some things can never be answered,
so for the term called....GOOD LUCK.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am moving along,
with the life of my own,
with desires to live some life,
just a moment...all I say.

a life with something special,
to be in world of dreams,
or realities of all temptations,
having them with waking eyes.

it may be different for you,
as your wants or choice are,
but for me it has all,
that I wanted from life.

don't know what I wish for,
so confused as I am,
but the only thing I know,
it will satisfy my soul.

whatever I dreamed ever,
get them with a will,
but a weakness comes to me,
if I want to give it a try.

the inspiration I get,
watching great souls at work,
with a feeling of achievement,
coming to this heart of mine.

the elder say to work,
to make your own path,
reach your destination...just decide,
just a moment...that's all I say.

Friday, December 12, 2008


They are the innocence...
the one we always crave for,
and with them comes,
the inner beauty we crave for.

we love to play with,
and have a jog in a park,
and happy being along with,
chatting alone or with friends.

they are the foe of loneliness,
making us being more sociable,
as kindness and affection,
growing in heart in good level.

it may be any of them,
dog, cat or other living ones,
as long as it fill place,
in every one of us families.

it make us feel close,
to oneself and to the nature,
with children, elder liking alike,
developing humanity as a whole.

for it develops your conscience,
make you think right or wrong,
looking at their appealing eyes,
you defines your own character.

yes!! they are the cute ones,
lovely to the deep within,
quenching our thirst for peace,
and relaxation from a stressful life.

hard as you try out,
cannot restrain from this friend,
and it will sooner reach your heart,
asking you to keep them up.

thus they are the one,
who is so dear to us,
innocent and as darling they could be,
they are ours...PETS WE LOVE.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I had a dream in my sleep,
a dream making me think,
for I was there in a beach,
with no one being along.

a thought of panic or fear,
or a rush of adrenalin it may be,
making me run for life,
searching anything to strive.

tired with fatigue with hope lost,
I sat on a stone near,
looking at the unending sea,
and sunset on the sky above.

as I was lying on the sand,
hungry and battered as much,
what to do or not to,
fight the faith or die.

no way without a struggle,
as I decided to live,
new hope arising in me,
and I slept in peaceful night.

the morning came and I was in,
moving inside the forest near,
and moving my way to food,
shelter and protection as though.

days passed as I was bored,
and I got slowly dishearted,
a ray of hope as an idea,
flashed in mind in a way.

I took a brave decision,
make a raft of vegetation there,
make a wooden spear ,
with food on stock to share.

the raft was set,
and I starts the journey,
in the unknown sea around,
in search of my destiny.

the path was dangerous,
with many storms to face,
and I went as I was,
to reach my only aim.

but alas! something happened,
a large creature in front of me,
calling my name and nearing me,
making me panic in that time.

and so I fall in sea,
the raft gone, gone the spear,
with pillow in my hand,
I was sweating in my bed.

so comes the end of it,
my daredevil in dream,
and me relaxing and thanking,
for it was not real...
and I was no longer ALONE...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I WISH....

I wish....a little wish of mine,
through this small heart of mine,
it may be a drop of hope,
in this ocean of sunshine.

I wish to be what I am,
or the wants I always have,
a wish to realize my dream,
or recreate it myself.

a wish it is small or big,
making my dream to live,
coming from a tender heart,
with many wonders being engraved.

Its the wish...or a want may be,
from a child or an elder,
wish of thoughts and needs....
but the things we always ponder.

Not me but you also involved,
in this game of hope and faith,
but the wish always being there,
for us to accompany or share.

So, a wish I have,
and its mine all along,
as I was a child dreaming,
to as I am now exploring.

It may come true or mightn't,
but I am always there wishing,
hoping and keeping the faith with,
my small and simple.....my wish.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


The thing that gives knowledge,
helping us live in good stage,
by which child mind is shield,
with good input and yield.

It teaches us good lesson,
in a worthy study fashion,
it teaches the child in merry,
not to do wrong or be sorry.

It looks very beautiful,
its knowledge is wonderful,
its better than bat and balls,
increasing the thinking of the dulls.

It teaches us the use of time,
in a very good rhyme,
it keeps the laziness away,
oh! it is ideal in a way.

Everyone go and use it,
it will make you benefit,
so, you just do a try,
why are you so shy??

You should use it forever,
as it become your life saver,
it is like a mind hook....
Yes, it is.....The book.