Sunday, December 7, 2008

I WISH....

I wish....a little wish of mine,
through this small heart of mine,
it may be a drop of hope,
in this ocean of sunshine.

I wish to be what I am,
or the wants I always have,
a wish to realize my dream,
or recreate it myself.

a wish it is small or big,
making my dream to live,
coming from a tender heart,
with many wonders being engraved.

Its the wish...or a want may be,
from a child or an elder,
wish of thoughts and needs....
but the things we always ponder.

Not me but you also involved,
in this game of hope and faith,
but the wish always being there,
for us to accompany or share.

So, a wish I have,
and its mine all along,
as I was a child dreaming,
to as I am now exploring.

It may come true or mightn't,
but I am always there wishing,
hoping and keeping the faith with,
my small and wish.

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