Friday, December 12, 2008


They are the innocence...
the one we always crave for,
and with them comes,
the inner beauty we crave for.

we love to play with,
and have a jog in a park,
and happy being along with,
chatting alone or with friends.

they are the foe of loneliness,
making us being more sociable,
as kindness and affection,
growing in heart in good level.

it may be any of them,
dog, cat or other living ones,
as long as it fill place,
in every one of us families.

it make us feel close,
to oneself and to the nature,
with children, elder liking alike,
developing humanity as a whole.

for it develops your conscience,
make you think right or wrong,
looking at their appealing eyes,
you defines your own character.

yes!! they are the cute ones,
lovely to the deep within,
quenching our thirst for peace,
and relaxation from a stressful life.

hard as you try out,
cannot restrain from this friend,
and it will sooner reach your heart,
asking you to keep them up.

thus they are the one,
who is so dear to us,
innocent and as darling they could be,
they are ours...PETS WE LOVE.

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