Thursday, December 25, 2008


This day is one,
nothing special to me,
its not my festival,
to treat or enjoying with.
with festivals many,
and happiness abound,
why be thinking of this day,
and come to feel the season around.
well, its not this ,
nor the presents or treats,
but just the emotions it had,
and the good thing it shows.
its the Christmas spirit,
and the things it teaches,
making people to be glad,
be humble, generous to hearts.
yes, I love this spirit,
for it shows the true humanity,
and so I enjoy this for,
making world peaceful with sanity.
festivals are many among,
with different cultures and religion,
and so I love all for one,
spreading friendship as relation.
so friends and all listen this,
enjoy and admire the thoughts,
and enjoy the feeling of festivals...
as I enjoy them, MERRY CHRISTMAS.....

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