Saturday, December 20, 2008


A good luck is all we need,
to live our life to fullest,
a good luck is all we need,
to show the world our creative best.

what is this and how,
asked by us all time,
why it be so different for all,
some being rich and some only dime.

thus I had the question asked,
to me with a lot of faith,
as the knowledge has value,
for someone's life or death.

and the answer I got is all,
but confusing in every sense.
its not on karma or grace,
but anyone's goodwill as a base.

you move on in your life,
and the goodwill is always,
supporting and caring to you,
bright as a sunbeam rays.

being young from your parents,
to young with your actions,
with experience you receive,
some inherited and some just comes.

every luck is a cause,
result of all that you do,
and all knowledge you use,
and being in right side too.

so came one question to me,
as a doubt in my mind,
what if the person is wrong,'s just GOOD LUCK it seems.

and hence stopped my exploration,
and the pondering for a cause,
some things can never be answered,
so for the term called....GOOD LUCK.

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