Saturday, December 6, 2008


The thing that gives knowledge,
helping us live in good stage,
by which child mind is shield,
with good input and yield.

It teaches us good lesson,
in a worthy study fashion,
it teaches the child in merry,
not to do wrong or be sorry.

It looks very beautiful,
its knowledge is wonderful,
its better than bat and balls,
increasing the thinking of the dulls.

It teaches us the use of time,
in a very good rhyme,
it keeps the laziness away,
oh! it is ideal in a way.

Everyone go and use it,
it will make you benefit,
so, you just do a try,
why are you so shy??

You should use it forever,
as it become your life saver,
it is like a mind hook....
Yes, it is.....The book.

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