Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am moving along,
with the life of my own,
with desires to live some life,
just a moment...all I say.

a life with something special,
to be in world of dreams,
or realities of all temptations,
having them with waking eyes.

it may be different for you,
as your wants or choice are,
but for me it has all,
that I wanted from life.

don't know what I wish for,
so confused as I am,
but the only thing I know,
it will satisfy my soul.

whatever I dreamed ever,
get them with a will,
but a weakness comes to me,
if I want to give it a try.

the inspiration I get,
watching great souls at work,
with a feeling of achievement,
coming to this heart of mine.

the elder say to work,
to make your own path,
reach your destination...just decide,
just a moment...that's all I say.

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