Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I had a dream in my sleep,
a dream making me think,
for I was there in a beach,
with no one being along.

a thought of panic or fear,
or a rush of adrenalin it may be,
making me run for life,
searching anything to strive.

tired with fatigue with hope lost,
I sat on a stone near,
looking at the unending sea,
and sunset on the sky above.

as I was lying on the sand,
hungry and battered as much,
what to do or not to,
fight the faith or die.

no way without a struggle,
as I decided to live,
new hope arising in me,
and I slept in peaceful night.

the morning came and I was in,
moving inside the forest near,
and moving my way to food,
shelter and protection as though.

days passed as I was bored,
and I got slowly dishearted,
a ray of hope as an idea,
flashed in mind in a way.

I took a brave decision,
make a raft of vegetation there,
make a wooden spear ,
with food on stock to share.

the raft was set,
and I starts the journey,
in the unknown sea around,
in search of my destiny.

the path was dangerous,
with many storms to face,
and I went as I was,
to reach my only aim.

but alas! something happened,
a large creature in front of me,
calling my name and nearing me,
making me panic in that time.

and so I fall in sea,
the raft gone, gone the spear,
with pillow in my hand,
I was sweating in my bed.

so comes the end of it,
my daredevil in dream,
and me relaxing and thanking,
for it was not real...
and I was no longer ALONE...

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