Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just an observer

Hello friends, it's been a long time. I had been busy lately and also my other interests come in the way too.
So, I couldn't write any blogs lately,

I have recently joined PG course in Microbiology in theMedical college where I had done my UG, so all the paper works, counselling, resignation from my previous post of being a Medical officer in a Govt. Hospital, took a lot of time.

So, after all these hectic days, freeing my mind to think and write something was little difficult too. Anyway, let me start with a simple one today :)

I am a observer,
Just an observer after all....

Silent, transparent, standing,
from the world afar,
the moving universe,
the travelling time,
like a wind passing by,
or like a river flow,
and I being stranded.....
on the shore !!

They come and go,
some moments to spare,
somethings to share,
then moving away....
searching for their ways !

We laughed and talked,
and the silence followed,
being in touch as we say,
with hopes of coming days....
but, our lives on separate bays !

Days passed as new one came,
forgetting the past,eyes for the future,
new things to be remembered,
just the thoughts in our heart,
left behind on the memory lane !!

An observer that I became,
not to experience,
but to visualize,
from afar emotionless,
in those crowded ones !!

My reality,
all within....deep inside,
not to speak, nor share,
not to be involved nor care,
just passing the moments I have.

Everything is on the surface,
like the sand on the seashore,
that the waves washing away...
leaving behind an empty floor,
creating new paths and write again !!!