Thursday, September 6, 2012

On my way

On my way,
I was walking,
strides too fast,
not a moment to spare.
I had to hurry,
no time to wait,
covered so little....
yet my destination so far !!

These are my aspirations,
things that I craved for,
some nearer to me...
some still a distant dream.
I have been preparing,
avoiding all distractions,
with my vision being set,
left all for my passion.

So, I was there,
as I walk by,
did I heard something??
Someone on the standby......
I turned, looked on my side,
saw my self on both sides.
both were quarrelling,
a debate being made...
what's taking so much,
as I enquired.

The one on the right,
with a jovial sight,
replied in a sarcastic tone.....
" I am watching you,
being with you all the time...
I saw you missed the fun,
as your friend got by,
you faltered, you failed,
still clinging the way,
you are trying too hard,
yet the distance so far!!"

"You missed the rain,
and neglected your lane,
you waited for none...
still your heart cried in pain.
I know you remember,
you want them back,
but the addiction is so much,
you have no moment to spare!!"

"Why do you try,
time never come back,
what will you do...
after you got that you want??"

I stopped and pondered,
as he Mar a valid point,
but before I could answer,
the other on the left replied....
"I was with you always,
encouraging your every move,
and it was I for whom,
you have to reach your goal.
You have to move one,
for the others are doing so,
if you wait for the others,
you will have nowhere to go."

"You have to make compromises,
for that's the way of life,
you have to compete,
give your all in this fight.
the fruits of your effort,
is waiting on the other side,
So, don't stop and keep ignoring,
whatever being said by the right!!"

Saying this the quarrel resumes,
as each one forcing there point,
I waited and saw both,
projections of my inner conscience.
I had to make peace,
as both were right,
and I told them my view,
on the whole fight.....

"Yes, its true that I neglected,
made a destination of mine,
and walked in a hurry,
to reach it on time,
I know I missed things around,
but had my part of it too..
to reach my goal is not all...
but the journey is desired."

"You both are my voice,
still you are in extremes,
and I will move on....
for my experience is on my side!!"
I hesitated a little,
as they both disappeared,
looking ahead, I continued,
On my way........