Monday, April 17, 2017

Just my thoughts for now

I want to be free...
yet a bit of stings attached,
to be there or not,
from face and my heart.

I want to capture,
all my desires,
as the time passes on,
to relish those moments.

But there were responsibility,
for I need stability,
to attach to my roots,
along with my social duties.

I realised too late,
or my simple regrets,
to experience the universality,
out of pure self interest....

I can't say, only wait,
for my ideals, my goals,
though it pains...the void,
I can't let go of my stubbornness.

I dreamed big, lived in my own world,
unaware of passing tide,
and now, I feel the dread,
like a thin wire...that I tread.

Still, I would stand tall,
I won't deny my choice,
although with failed opportunities,
I also had some rays of hope.

Just my thoughts for now....As I stop.