Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The bonds

It’s been a while,
I was beginning to forget..
the time spent, moment’s shared,

I was young, so naive,
innocent thoughts with pure heart,
living for present, no worries ever,

But then I grew,
compete and struggles,
created goal to be achieved,
my dream and desires taken over,
as I went on my path..

I forgot the past, places changed,
new acquaintances, new people,
only together for common interests,
we met and talk but rarely so,
the mind was not there for long,
giving excuses for avoidance,
we parted away to seek the heart
gone the friends, being at home,
waited alone as I sat,
as I recalled the days of past.

The carefree days, devoid of worries
going with the innate desires,
book to read, games to play,
some adventures within ourselves,
I remembered them all,
As I pondered,
The bonds that I shared….

True bonds, difficult to form,
the one that lasts lifelong,
someone to cheer you up,
encourage you in the life,
to scold you for your faults,
fights for petty reasons,
yet accepts you as you are,
to assure at time of trouble,
join in the happy times.

to make you laugh,
wash away the tears,
small advice, or just gestures,
loosen you a bit, to be at ease,
to take the journey together,
or just be in touch....

All of it for that bond,
without hidden motives,
any sympathy or pity,
bond engraved….on pure heart.

it's not too far, time will come,
to be with near and dear,
enjoy company and spend good times,
as I walk in this path of life,
those days were gone,
but I am still young,

till then………I am waiting all alone.