Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Come with me

Come with me,
and I will show,
things that's so gloomy,
Is not as it seems.....

the trees so empty,
or the clouds shaded,
the loose grains with the wind,
is not melancholy after all!!

Come with me,
as it's all going inside mind,
and you need someone,
its that part of your time.....

the moments well spent,
tranquility that you get,
make you understand,
and get through in life.

Come with me,
have faith in me,
am just a friend ,
but a part of your life.....

the pain to come out,
ears to listen, hand of care,
a little laugh, lots of tears,
and  shoulder to support!!

Come with me,
for, you may not see,
loneliness can be a burden,
and happiness is waiting....

a talk here, a walk there,
as we go on with life,
a companion that's make it easy,
and there's nothing to miss!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time being spent these days...

carefree as I sit here,
waiting for things to happen,
with words not spoken,
and works not done,
Is it my laziness?

Resting on a sofa,
entertained my eyes,
a creative part got lost somewhere,
life came to a stasis,
Is it my tiredness?

Dreaming on the days,
and sleeping through the night,
not a moment to cherish,
going out is also rare,
Had I forgot the purpose?

Forgot what I gained,
nor did I am interested,
busy I was doing nothing,
nor do I listened to elders say,
Is it my foolishness?

May be its boredom,
or I make it out to be...
or is it my loneliness,
taking its toll on me,
Am I being so reserved?

I don't ask, nor complain,
but its something of a concern,
days will change, or my motive,
its just for a time being,
And......Is it my optimism??  :) :)

Time being spent these days ...
Are a bit not useful..
but still...I am hopeful!! :D