Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time being spent these days...

carefree as I sit here,
waiting for things to happen,
with words not spoken,
and works not done,
Is it my laziness?

Resting on a sofa,
entertained my eyes,
a creative part got lost somewhere,
life came to a stasis,
Is it my tiredness?

Dreaming on the days,
and sleeping through the night,
not a moment to cherish,
going out is also rare,
Had I forgot the purpose?

Forgot what I gained,
nor did I am interested,
busy I was doing nothing,
nor do I listened to elders say,
Is it my foolishness?

May be its boredom,
or I make it out to be...
or is it my loneliness,
taking its toll on me,
Am I being so reserved?

I don't ask, nor complain,
but its something of a concern,
days will change, or my motive,
its just for a time being,
And......Is it my optimism??  :) :)

Time being spent these days ...
Are a bit not useful..
but still...I am hopeful!! :D

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