Saturday, November 28, 2009

winter.. last!!...
bless me with the cold wind,
with some respite from heat,
a season more awaited...
or just the moment so being!!
never I wished the cold bath,
nor waking up early,
but it had such flavor...
like water for a thirsty!!

so...don't we feel relieved?...the fear of summer, global warming, and glaciers being melted. Or just we wished to be walking in our warm jacket, mothers to make sweaters, purchase warm clothes, drink soups..sleep inside our blanket..such shivering in cold night,and all those things which make the winters so special!!

though not much cold here in my place yet I do remember the cold days in jammu n dehradun..and we do feel little worried in the change in winter patterns..but still I am going to enjoy this season..
the tea n coffee are so special this season 9also in rainy season) and walking in evening with hands inside my pocket, with sweaters on. Though every season has its feel and I am trying to enjoy it fully..
who knows if these season will retain their uniquity and the feel we really enjoy!!..what do you say??

feel the season, feel the moment,
it will not be same again,
its new now, afresh...
yet we are busy, why??

Saturday, November 14, 2009

it's my fear!!

its the fear..
ohh! dear,
its not the time to see..
I just want to flee!!

I don't want to go,
there are so many,
and not to be alone,
they may see me!!
not so high, I may fall..
not so far, I can't call,
I am weak, I can't stand,
all so strong, not my land!!

why do I try,
failure inevitable...
I am nervous, so shy,
can't work, I am not able!!
can't believe the friends,
they may be fake,
can't stand the relationship,
it may shake!!

It's the fears,
they stop, they warn,
they make me so cautious,
that I don't thread new paths.
I want to be free,
but invisible bond enclosing me..
yes its my fear,
always I had to bear!!

they say to face it,
be confidence..get over it,
but will they know,
the pain is one with me....
time will teach..some says,
may be I can deal,
my mind not so clear,
yet I will's my fear!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

something common

fly like a bird,
run like a horse,
be ageless like a tree,
or swim like a fish!..
we wish, we imagine,
be a child making a rhyme,
all lost words, desires,
or just the part of our past.

we have those roots,
yet we have greed,
neither are we happy,
nor in a creed.
we meet, socialise,
discuss, debate all days,
we work , we act,
strike riches from the hays!

but still something missing,
its all we feel..
reasons so many yet so common,
things we just can't deal.
Had I been straight,
had I been true...
ask yourself...ask as a whole,
and then realise it, coming through??

Monday, November 2, 2009

it's just a dream??

sensation all over,
as I visualise..
running places to places,
making desires to creations..
bringing characters to life,
to reach,
to find..
my search for something,
someone, I don't know!!

beautiful the landscape,
with forests, and rivers...
bushes, trees, and animals..
wild and real to be near,
quenching thirst in rivers,
to revitalise,
to flourish..
my love to introspect,
to perceive, I haven't known!!

Had I been alone,
or being with many..
amusing myself with things around,
leaning their skills, the life..
gaining experiences all along,
to feel,
to realise...
my reasons in life,
beliefs I wanted to question!!

may be its all false,
a state of twilight sleep..
it seems so convincing and old,
yet so fresh as a morning dew...
to hope,
to imagine..
but to rise from dream,
and forget it in life.
or be in deep slumber....
living it in full time!!

it's just a dream??