Saturday, November 7, 2009

something common

fly like a bird,
run like a horse,
be ageless like a tree,
or swim like a fish!..
we wish, we imagine,
be a child making a rhyme,
all lost words, desires,
or just the part of our past.

we have those roots,
yet we have greed,
neither are we happy,
nor in a creed.
we meet, socialise,
discuss, debate all days,
we work , we act,
strike riches from the hays!

but still something missing,
its all we feel..
reasons so many yet so common,
things we just can't deal.
Had I been straight,
had I been true...
ask yourself...ask as a whole,
and then realise it, coming through??


Anonymous said...

NIce philosphical poem.........

Keep writin man.............


angel from heaven said...

Nice clear cut lines Enjoyed the poem.