Monday, November 2, 2009

it's just a dream??

sensation all over,
as I visualise..
running places to places,
making desires to creations..
bringing characters to life,
to reach,
to find..
my search for something,
someone, I don't know!!

beautiful the landscape,
with forests, and rivers...
bushes, trees, and animals..
wild and real to be near,
quenching thirst in rivers,
to revitalise,
to flourish..
my love to introspect,
to perceive, I haven't known!!

Had I been alone,
or being with many..
amusing myself with things around,
leaning their skills, the life..
gaining experiences all along,
to feel,
to realise...
my reasons in life,
beliefs I wanted to question!!

may be its all false,
a state of twilight sleep..
it seems so convincing and old,
yet so fresh as a morning dew...
to hope,
to imagine..
but to rise from dream,
and forget it in life.
or be in deep slumber....
living it in full time!!

it's just a dream??


CL Nagri said...

lovely poem

Dan* said...

its just a dream :D sweet poeam !!

Karthik said...

This was splendid, man. But why don't you try and get some nice rhyming words. It will be more effective then.