Saturday, November 14, 2009

it's my fear!!

its the fear..
ohh! dear,
its not the time to see..
I just want to flee!!

I don't want to go,
there are so many,
and not to be alone,
they may see me!!
not so high, I may fall..
not so far, I can't call,
I am weak, I can't stand,
all so strong, not my land!!

why do I try,
failure inevitable...
I am nervous, so shy,
can't work, I am not able!!
can't believe the friends,
they may be fake,
can't stand the relationship,
it may shake!!

It's the fears,
they stop, they warn,
they make me so cautious,
that I don't thread new paths.
I want to be free,
but invisible bond enclosing me..
yes its my fear,
always I had to bear!!

they say to face it,
be confidence..get over it,
but will they know,
the pain is one with me....
time will teach..some says,
may be I can deal,
my mind not so clear,
yet I will's my fear!!


Anonymous said...

Nice poem dude,
It's Like direct dil se........

Dan* said...

nice.... and gud ending