Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hello friends,
here is something, I gonna write just to show one of my just come to me when I was listening to a music/song, and memories of my past..those fun in me childhood and those different places flashed in my mind.
So I have written those feeling here......hope U love it.........

I love to feel different,
but then...I hate to love it,
as the moments come and go,
And I am right here.

I can never forget past,
only the memories remains,
the emotions come and go,
But my heart is right here.

Some music, some painting,
something appeals to u,
the thoughts come and go,
But my mind is right here.

I want to be something,
I have to be someone,
the exprience come and go,
But my body is right here.

When I am alone,
when I am with me,
the realisation come and go,
But my soul is right here.

So, friends what do u think about it........

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello friends....
so, the diwali season is coming, and the fun is on....the festival of light as it is being said ( I would rather have said..the festival of firecrackers...more authentic I think ) this is what we think and this is what we have...

these festivals bring joy in our mind....relax those who had such a hard work to do..the chance to meet relatives, friend, hav brings a feeling of oneness inside us...the thing is that we are all here having the night,...those firecrackers, rocket, the light of diya/dip.....and the sweets, are just fun..

Not just children (though they do wait eagerly for this festival...dangerous but fun) and adolescents, adults ..everyone....isn't its so good.

For me....I will have fun, burning firecrackers for me ( my mom and sister would rather have fun at home with sweets, lighting candles, dips..and fuljhadis) and then my friends would be, lots of fun waiting for me....


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am a basically a liberal...ok with all the religion of the, I will just start with a small discussion on my view of religion...
as we see...religion has something to do with us from a long time...say from the very existance of human was refined and being concentrated on a book.......but the basic is always the same...
1. there is someone above us who had made us, is taking care of us and will take care of us after we r dead.2.we hav to do good works...which r socially and ethically correct...3. we have to obey some unspoken laws and have faith in him....So, the basic is always the same only the mode of teaching, the culture different part of world had made it there r different people in the world...there thoughts r different logically the mode of teacing or getting this knowledge is different...Lets hav a logical discussion....if all religion says..that god made human being...and then the knowledge of the religion is surely imparted by him..lets take hinduisim as an example......if hinduism is oldest religion...which has lessions being socially and ethically correct and with millions and billions of followers ...we cannot just say it as some person of other religion may be saying....similarly for other religions.....they also cannot be is a logical explanation....but we hav to respect these religions...same as we are respecting a knowledgable person....If we think that way least we have to respect hinduism for its oldest we are respecting a grand old man........this is what I say being a liberal person with some logical explanation.......WHAT IS UR COMMENT ON THIS......


Well, yesterday was the day of durga bisarjan...a lot of puja pandals..with maa durga in different attire, were taken in a queue on the road with thousands of the spectaters (better say devotees)watching from both the sides of the road.....well, I was too standing on one side...watching the idols of maa durga as they go...and trying to observe what are the difference in the pandals, and the music or the people following pandals of their respective area.....The thing is...we hav the puja pandals in each of our locality...say my locality is one, so..there were atleast 40 or so big pandals in all, I was saying that their was a procession going on on the road watched by tousands of spectaters.... The procession has an orderly sequence..that is, each pandal has four things in common...first one is the lighting, followed by music (either local music band or any DJ ) behind these music bands, are the people jumping , dancing (in one indian barati dance) , on the local songs and latest bollywood songs.......they were just enjoying the music ..jumping and dancing haphazardly and are quite a fun to watch them.........these jumping group was followed by the pandal (being on the truck)...there were people standing on the lower the top of the pandal(by folding it) /or to hold the electric wires or trees as the truck goes....these pandals had some pandits sitted and some other distribute the prasads and some the persons from the organiser group following the truck....In the end comes a drinking water van...for the people following the respective pandal.....along with these system there r some localities bringing some new flaver to it , like bringing traditional dancers, and many others....What was enjoyable here was the local flaver , the old tradition and people in such a large number coming to one was like a mela...there were ballonwalas, panipuri, bhel puries, icecream,....and many more...IT WAS A FUN STANDING THERE AND WATCHING THE PROCESSION...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ARE YOU HELPNG THEM.............

With Eid , Navratri and Gandhi jayati coming around and at this time of festival...their is not much happiness at some places....

This month has seen some of worst floods in Bihar and Orissa, seen some Bomb blast and terror attacks in many cities of country..more-ever being in news for most of days were one or other negetive news.....

May be, it has taken away the essence of most of the festivals....but we Indian are learning to cope with it and move ahead with our celebration....good thing to see such a heart but we hav to think about those who lost there life and their livehoods in this....they also hav the right to enjoy but couldn't do that. Childrens can't play or enjoy this Eid or Navratri...we hav to do something for them also..atleast pray for them once.

Good thing is that, there some who r helping thm to cope up and rehabilitating them...NGO r there..which r giving there helping hand, we hav to support tht we could bring smile on the face of at least one child affected by this disaster.


Life goes on....

A beautiful story begins,
crying and laughing are seen,
as a devine work of art,
life in a new character starts.
Joy and happiness felt around,
watching it healthy and sound,
party,celebration done at best,
for its rest.
Curious way of begning a story,
for it...loving and caring,
with it a new character sets,
customs remaining upto date.
Then it begins a new life,
stage being set with a new prime,
playing, sleeping, wailing in days,
thts the way....everybody says.
With few moments in term,
having base becoming firm,
playing and gaining knowledge,
developing their physical and mental frame.
Its a stage of simple innocence,
with activities limited to one frame,
they hav nothing to be sad,
for they hav everything they want.
Time passes as story forwards,
developing yard by yard,
in every moment of passing time,
became older as a song in rhyme.
Thought changes,ability changes,
character remains the same,
each journey added a twist,
adding exprience in mind list.
Life remains not the same,
for it and its family,
as new wishes started arriving,
just for their wellbeing.
New character enters the story,
love and marriage as they say,
life taking a new turn there,
sorrow and happiness for them to share.
New characters shown on way,
new responsibilty start at bay,
life taking a new turnaround,
not so smooth and sound.
Time has not stopped for a moment,
older and weaker as he become,
responsibility changing from one to another,
making it depend on others altogether.
Life being not so easy,
god prayers making it busy,
thought of unhappiness though brought,
for it will be cared or not.
Disease and weakness taking their toll,
as it becomes useless as a whole,
hope for life....away it goes,
new path and journey as it show.
Whoever comes to world has to go,
only inpiration and new path they can show,
story changes to new,as it may,
life goes on....thats what they say....