Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life goes on....

A beautiful story begins,
crying and laughing are seen,
as a devine work of art,
life in a new character starts.
Joy and happiness felt around,
watching it healthy and sound,
party,celebration done at best,
for it...in its rest.
Curious way of begning a story,
for it...loving and caring,
with it a new character sets,
customs remaining upto date.
Then it begins a new life,
stage being set with a new prime,
playing, sleeping, wailing in days,
thts the way....everybody says.
With few moments in term,
having base becoming firm,
playing and gaining knowledge,
developing their physical and mental frame.
Its a stage of simple innocence,
with activities limited to one frame,
they hav nothing to be sad,
for they hav everything they want.
Time passes as story forwards,
developing yard by yard,
in every moment of passing time,
became older as a song in rhyme.
Thought changes,ability changes,
character remains the same,
each journey added a twist,
adding exprience in mind list.
Life remains not the same,
for it and its family,
as new wishes started arriving,
just for their wellbeing.
New character enters the story,
love and marriage as they say,
life taking a new turn there,
sorrow and happiness for them to share.
New characters shown on way,
new responsibilty start at bay,
life taking a new turnaround,
not so smooth and sound.
Time has not stopped for a moment,
older and weaker as he become,
responsibility changing from one to another,
making it depend on others altogether.
Life being not so easy,
god prayers making it busy,
thought of unhappiness though brought,
for it will be cared or not.
Disease and weakness taking their toll,
as it becomes useless as a whole,
hope for life....away it goes,
new path and journey as it show.
Whoever comes to world has to go,
only inpiration and new path they can show,
story changes to new,as it may,
life goes on....thats what they say....

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