Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well, yesterday was the day of durga bisarjan...a lot of puja pandals..with maa durga in different attire, were taken in a queue on the road with thousands of the spectaters (better say devotees)watching from both the sides of the road.....well, I was too standing on one side...watching the idols of maa durga as they go...and trying to observe what are the difference in the pandals, and the music or the people following pandals of their respective area.....The thing is...we hav the puja pandals in each of our locality...say my locality is one, so..there were atleast 40 or so big pandals in all bhubaneswar...so, I was saying that their was a procession going on on the road watched by tousands of spectaters.... The procession has an orderly sequence..that is, each pandal has four things in common...first one is the lighting, followed by music (either local music band or any DJ ) behind these music bands, are the people jumping , dancing (in one word..like indian barati dance) , on the local songs and latest bollywood songs.......they were just enjoying the music ..jumping and dancing haphazardly and are quite a fun to watch them.........these jumping group was followed by the pandal (being on the truck)...there were people standing on the truck....to lower the top of the pandal(by folding it) /or to hold the electric wires or trees as the truck goes....these pandals had some pandits sitted and some other person...to distribute the prasads and some the persons from the organiser group following the truck....In the end comes a drinking water van...for the people following the respective pandal.....along with these system there r some localities bringing some new flaver to it , like bringing traditional dancers, and many others....What was enjoyable here was the local flaver , the old tradition and people in such a large number coming to one place.....it was like a mela...there were ballonwalas, panipuri, bhel puries, icecream,....and many more...IT WAS A FUN STANDING THERE AND WATCHING THE PROCESSION...

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