Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hello friends,
here is something, I gonna write just to show one of my just come to me when I was listening to a music/song, and memories of my past..those fun in me childhood and those different places flashed in my mind.
So I have written those feeling here......hope U love it.........

I love to feel different,
but then...I hate to love it,
as the moments come and go,
And I am right here.

I can never forget past,
only the memories remains,
the emotions come and go,
But my heart is right here.

Some music, some painting,
something appeals to u,
the thoughts come and go,
But my mind is right here.

I want to be something,
I have to be someone,
the exprience come and go,
But my body is right here.

When I am alone,
when I am with me,
the realisation come and go,
But my soul is right here.

So, friends what do u think about it........

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