Saturday, October 8, 2011

Once again

to be right, know the way,
but still be so wrong,
to express the right way,
to reach to the point...
but get failed!

it easy to say,
not a way to convey,
but to be reasonable,
yet be blamed to be insensitive....
to be ignored!

Is it not having faith,
or the pain being too much,
where the love is lacking,
overpowered by worries....
to be rejected!!

but its just this moment,
time will pass by,
relation will start again, afresh,
revitalized, with the feeling...
to be loved!!

yes, I will not be sad,
not to take the stress,
patience...I have, will wait,
to make you understand......
to be together!!

in sorrow and happiness,
to be loved, once again.. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Durga Puja!

So, from where shall I start?
these days go well in our country, say the Navaratri and Durga puja!! The festive season and then we have to look forward to Dusshera and Diwali!

The festivity and it's spiritual presence among the Indians is great thing, even the most youngsters like us just prefer it as a time of vacation, tie with family, new cloth, sweets and lots of Puja Pandal and Idols to visit!
A lot of creativity and hard work to be seen :)

But then, we do had this faith inside us, asking us pay respect, worship or wish for a good life from Maa Durga.
Bound by tradition, and culture, its wonderful way of celebration and spend your time.....making you more close to life around you. Its an identity we had and proud of it!
I am, let's say, not much spiritual, but the visit to Pandals is a must and then there are my friends....who better choose these days to play the Garva... as if they know anything about it!....Its fashionable and easy way to access you know what! 
And then there were foods, sales and  shopping, to thing of will never get bored these times....Cheering young and elders alike.

But then too....they do look forward to this festival....and even we admit it or not, its a part of our life, how much we want to live in the materialistic world, our spiritual life, and the traditions, woven around it will bring us back !!

So , Have a Happy Navaratri festival and Durga Puja!! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

dreamy eyes

dreamy dreamy are my eyes,
these days are so divine,
no more tired, gloomy at heart,
now its rise and shine!!

you may be moody, 
or the surrounding make you so..
but then there are those moments,
which will make you smile.

why worry if its just a part,
and a lot more lies unseen,
why despair, or be elated,
and wish things will always your ways!!

so I am dreamy, 
optimism shows in my heart,
not a joy but am hoping,
a beautiful day would arrive.

thoughts pouring in my mind,
and philosophy shaping up,
small parts and some times,
are just patching up!!

its nothing of sort,
it need not to be,
feel this thing at heart,
and live as you want to be.....

dreamy in my mind,
asking for a logic,
but all I could find,
an intuition at stronger side!!

its not about reasoning,
but taking you at better side,
lighter and softer inside,
living in our good moments.

So I resign now,
letting myself, a little more of inspiring,
the feel....the goodness in the air,
and dreaming some more.....
in my dreamy dreamy eyes!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the masks we meet...

He smiled at me,
but looks so uninterested,
and there's another one,
so hollow be the laugh.....
this one seeks sympathy,
but does he really needs,
and then comes she,
with her empty cries!!

Faces it is...
or just the masks to wear,
each emotions so unreal,
just for one's own advantage...
you could feel the difference,
or just a sense of it,
searching for a better part,
deep inside, the soul of it!!

Ego, fear, or plain envy,
we all have it under,
still we want to pretend,
to make our stand better....
early life was so easy,
the stakes not so high,
and we could express so freely,
like pebble in a clear beach!!

Is it too obvious,
or we are getting used to it,
the life taking its own pace,
just have a ride on it......
we too are changing,
situation make us indifferent,
too ready to wear this,
the masks, that we meet!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spare a thought...

Hey friends, Another terror strike in the capital, and our government inaction is really making us angry!!
I am sad thinking about what happened to those poor victims who have now lost many things in the peaceful life with no faults of their own?
What was their mistake to face this ordeal of pain....Will the Government admit their fault or just use the same old sympathy and condolence trick to fool the people?? 
Just a small poetry, thinking of a character/ a person who had lost his friend/family in this terror strike and his emotions when some VIPs come and  just give sympathy and save their face!!

Spare a thought,
to see the unseen,
for once a while,
to stand for something better.

we all know it,
yet we don't recognize,
we make an opinion,
but to follow is far too difficult!!

I am tired, disheartened..
weak we have become,
being a mute spectator,
taking action had never option.

I asked, I cried,
why we had been chosen,
what's our mistake,
its the leaders..who hadn't spoken!!

But then what we expect,
fools gotten the fool,
the weak taken the weaker,
allowing  this bloodshed to occur??

how they can't realize?
or they are too blind,
does they know responsibility,
or just know to hide behind!!

I want them to know,
to get the grief I never wanted,
let them face the death, the fear,
the despair, the frustration......

don't give sympathy,
you have lost your credibility,
Now just its a matter of honor,
will you bring it back??
Just Spare a Thought!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lost in the symbols...

Lost in the symbols,
hazy it has been,
with all being superficial,
not a logic to be seen....
to ask for my senses,
or just to follow it,
to identify with itself,
or be clearer at the conscious!!

Lost I have been,
or just being immature,
blind not to see,
influenced by the heresy....
had I been casual,
or indifferent in attitude,
to follow customs or rebel,
research it out in my mind!!

Lost yet endeavors,
I had to see,
somethings far more relevant,
than a inherited story....
they had it planned,
hidden in the symbols,
to take us there,
where they had been!!

Lost in symbols,
and they speak to me,
we follow something,
which meant to be...
we criticize, we laugh,
boast off that we are smart,
but if gone deeper, believing....
the truth would have laid out....the teachings!!

symbols it is, we were blind,
to open the curtain, it took time,
I reached will too,
just believe in them.....or get lost, in the symbols!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mirror of life

Mirror of life,
reflection of oneself,
truth not being hidden,
no veils nor disguise,
just you from the inside!

agree or disagree,
no denying of this,
realize, you may not....
revelation on your part,
it will be, staring!!

Mirror you see,
its only you,
one is watching,
No escape nor excuse,
just the character of your knowing!

the things you learn,
parts choose to ignore,
memories that evoke,
joy or pain at heart,
this could be, remembrance!!

Mirror that takes,
stand on your perception,
eyes that submerged,
ocean of experiences,
to deep inside...the soul!

to know the ultimate,
achieve your goal,
meditate to oneself,
or be conscious ways,
this would be, yours.......
eternal bliss, liberation within!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

just life......

hey friends, Its a long time since I had written is a little hectic these days, with wards to attend and exam so near, isn't some relaxed phase of mind to write poetry....

And then my day to day activities are not much fun to know prescribe medications to patients, measure blood pressure, insert Ryle's tube and catheter in hospital, definitely not a interesting thing to it?

Then we have the Raksha Bandhan,Independence day and now today,its Anna's Fast and house arrest...a lot have been going on these days...such an interesting stuff...

So, after all these works, my 2 months of medicine internship are over and I can at least write something for my blog, something for the recent things and here I am. A small poetry, to start with though....hope you like it!

I have seen the world,
the Nation that stands,
the people it have....
the festivals being there,
celebration of life!

I have seen the hope,
the problems we face,
the sins we have.....
the truth being there,
being hidden from sight!

I have seen it all,
the emotions we felt,
the guilt we have....
the remorse being there,
just a little more to go!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

kya likhu..

kya likhu,
batein kuch tumhari,
batein kuch hamari,
soch anokhi,
ya yadein purani!!

kya likhu,
har baat mein chupi kuch sachai,
kuch achi to kuch buri,
bas tum hum mein hai duriyan,
barna ander to basa hai wahi!!

kya likhu,
bas dhund raha hun sabd,
panktiyan kuch aisi,
bas jo man ko samjhaye,
nahi to dil ko chhu jaye!!

kya likhu,
kuch naya ho to batao,
prasn ke uttar mangbao,
cheeze jo na badle,
rishte kuch naye banbao!!

kya likhu..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

So I asked..

Questions, puzzles all around,

as I sat wondering,
answers, logic all confusing,
doubting my own tries.
So I asked...
thoughts that emerge,
things needing explanation,
wanting my time to spare!!

I ask my presence,
the life that I got,
I ask the unimaginable,
so be the God.
the nature be there,
the system we adhere,
the society, the customs,
the relations we so care!!

So I sat on the bench,
alone with myself to be company,
the trees by my side,
and the grasses on my feet.
may be I was daydreaming,
or being engrossed in the thoughts,
time moved on, so the world,
the answers still not come!!

So I asked...
the reasons,the cause,
the moments that lost,
the explanation it brought.
the bench getting wet,
and skin felt cold,
the darkness that followed,
the mind that got blank.

I do have my opinions,
but there's a lot more,
the tryst would come again,
the strife will continue,
but for now I retire,
giving my mind some rest,
emptying the bench, plants below it...
for some new one to take his time!!

So I asked...
is it time,
to return from where I come,
to the world now...where I belong!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

missing my teenager years.....

Down the streets,
along the lanes,
footsteps we took,
fun we had,
the morning jog,
the evening talks,
the days we spent,
and the life we meant.

missing those moments,
or the time I always want,
the life I never had,
of being a teenager!!

Hangout around the stores,
words with a coffee sip,
a visit to the movie hall,
or just a crazy drive....
a hug on early meets,
goes with a moonlight kiss,
the phone calls and the sms,
charmed with the talk so sweet,

missing those moments of first love,
the adventure, the jovial days,
the life that I dream to have,
of being a teenager!!

Everything could be so new,
new be the individuality,
the attitude, assertion,
new being the responsibility,
learning the tricks,
the game of life,
the carelessness,experimentation,
and showing the world what I got.

missing the chances I left,
the opportunities I never got,
the life I had desired for myself,
of being in my teenager years........ : )

** Not the whole view of mine, just a little frustration talking...from my medical years!! :) :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

A day

I was listening to you,
lying on the soft grass,
with your lovely talks,
and some mischievous touch,
getting immersed in my dream.

Fresh with the morning dew,
your face being so charming,
with those sparkling eyes,
and your tenacious tries,
make me forget my things!!

resting under a tree shed,
hiding from the sun rays,
as you were reading the book,
giving your innocent look,
brings the tranquility within me.

the evening does came,
inviting as the sun sets,
for a little time to spend,
sitting on the wooden bench,
just being you and me!!

and so, our eyes met,
waiting a sweet embrace,
we were watching the stars,
with the moon so far,
your head on my shoulder.

so, the day does end,
those moments well spent,
but the night is still there,
and a lot to be shared,
between we were there!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Go VillAGE

Well friends,

I was just thinking...sometimes, this Patriotic side of mine take over me and then I just think what could be done to save India. When we really think like this we think Corruption, poverty, terrorism, Pakistan, China, Army....and the list goes on. But this time, a different idea took over.

Just think why being the largest in cultivable land, a rich tradition and beautiful places in our country, we lack behind in the world..No one wants to live in the village..and all the migration thing. Why does it happens? because of gross misuse and inaction by us. Every one thinks of making the City world standard..No one thinks the same for the village. A private partnership in such field could do wonders but then our politician only think of Industries and mining in village in the name of private sect this are even if short term..can keep their pockets warm!

So what's a Go VillAGE inc? A multi state or multi village private sector which could promote and develop the Indian Village in a systemic and scientific way...So that the villagers, the private company could benefit from this symbiosis and also serves the Nation. It will also protect the environment. Say organic Farming, village marts and tourism of these villages from those tired City peoples, Water harvesting, Solar power..proper utilisation of Village farm lands, making pond for Fish Farming...these are all plans which need money and only a rich businessman or Government body could do this...In this age of corruption, we can't expect the same from the Government, so public private partnership could do!

A green bank, where the farmers could deposit their lands...means, as farm points depending on the size of land...then they were also given work in their own field and whatever seeds are planted/ harvested were then distributed to the farmers according to the farm points and work points they also means work for farmers and steady income. There will also by guarantee of good harvest as the company will do its best by using proper seed, protecting the farm and great harvest due to proper water supply. The land mass will definitely be bigger because I know a lot of land being wasted by village farmers in making boundaries for their small lands ...and there would be No need of boundaries. Land will remain in the name of farmers but they can't withdraw it in between. Just like we do with the money in the safe deposits!

The company will also renovate the village in such way that it look proper village but with all modern facilities too like electricity, toilets, television. It could make the proper roads..create guest house for tourism purpose..establish small village marts as a market for traditional village goods. To develop Vidyalaya/schools, which teaches everything and create awareness about Indian glorious past...Gurukul system and teaches Indian ethos to children or to the visitors too.

It will also establish Ponds, Animal farms, Fruit trees and recruit village people as workers...The company would sell these products and get the profit....and slowly and steadily the village will develop, It will stop Migration, stop inflation, No farmer deaths...and then there would be more Look Village policy!...And this time not for industrialisation or mining. The villagers don't have to leave their land too!!

These might be dreams but there are lot of Billionaire out there...they they could at least spare a million for this noble cause and to do some business which could actually serve the Nation...What use does buying IPL teams, Foreign hotels?? Anyway just an idea...Hope you like it!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

its the thing they call....LOVE!!

hey friends..

I had never been to something romantic in my poetry', trying a little for that...a new venture, a poetry or lyrics of some song...still trying one..:) :)

its my early days,
a little too far,
and I am waiting for you,
looking out from my car...

the sun rays falling,
to the grass below,
so I hope for me,
just be sitting there with you ...

for those warm touch of your hands,
and the wet kisses on lips,
or just be lying in our bed,
talking in silence with our eyes.

Do I wish too far,
or a little desire,
holding your hand,
hiding you in my heart.

I want to be with you,
to be there for you,
a feel from within,
the thirst of my soul..
its the thing they call....LOVE!

you were tickling me,
or some sweet pokes,
the lips got widen,
as you make a laugh,

the time do stop,
the moments got frozen,
just we, in the world,
and everything got lost.

For those times we spend,
and the embrace in between,
or just chatting of life,
being at peace in mind.

Do I ask for more,
or a little hope,
walking by your side,
in the cold moonlight.

I want to be with you,
to be there for you,
a feel from within,
the thirst of my soul..
its the thing they call....LOVE!!

SO, I am waiting alone,
for the time to come,
to realize all dreams,
to feel the thing they call...Love.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

something I missed

life is not that Sitting on a veranda, brooding about how's the time is passing...suddenly realising that you are getting older but you hadn't lived your younger days enough...Story of many goal oriented guy out there ....they are so focused that they forget, a lot of life they are missing! tried to write something of this

sitting on the porch, I watched..
evening and the sunset,
the breeze felt so cold,
so be in my heart....

The days are going so slow,
or dry, are the seasons,
the time has just freezes,
or just my mind got stalled...

do I miss something,
spark that I do wish,
someone that I have been waiting for,
or just a change in air!!

young are those days,
played, or gone for a tuition,
mindless exploring of new place,
or be lazy in my home....

curious were those days,
dreaming big, amazed by new things,
new sparks of attraction,
the desire, the thought it brings...

but still studies and school,
and then home and tuition,
running all time, closing my eyes,
had I missed the station...of my young life!!

and on the porch,
I was asking myself,
have I missed some part,
guess it was not something I cared...
or something deep in my heart?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

with friends, to the beach...

that coming my way,
trees waving over me,
So was I, on the road.....
My bike and some friends!!

Speed or race,just not all,
Nor ego or pride to fall,
we wanted to get it on,
the guy in us to have it done......
and the road was abandoned, only for us!!

our shouts and small talks,
moving along the Mahanadi's Bank,
Winds that push us back,
with its harsh blow to our face...
but that was Lot's of fun!!

standing at side of a bridge...
watching as the river flows,
feeling the force of the roar,
and taking some photographs....
just to capture the moments!!

Got to visit a near Beach,
and to bath with the summer sun,
running and playing on wet sands,
breaking or holding some hands......
just to heighten our spirits!!

Is it Innate, is it freedom,
or some crazy human stuffs,
is it dream, or some hope,
or to avoid the daily stress...
but it just on my writing!!

a little vacation on cards....
to feel all above..with some friends!! Nice try na??

Monday, May 2, 2011

Exordium--the dawn of hopes!!

hello friends...

this week was fun...and we had a H.S function in Friday and Saturday!...a function by our batch of interns/ house surgeons and also the welcome to our juniors!

We had this Intra class Cricket match all the week...from morning 7 am to 12 two batches..15 over match...It is our last year together so, we wanted to have some fun this function!
Our junior batch prepared fashion show and dances for the function ..which we really enjoyed it..

Function titled "Exordium--dawn of new hope", depicting the new life we are stepping to, so the juniors....our welcome batch. Our classmate too participated in Fashion show and dance show..and they were great too.....juniors had done lot of hard work to make the function a success...watching their and the applause they getting ....some part of mine too wanted to be part of the stage but then, I got this stage fear [:P] and better be a audience and support a show than be a part of it and make it worse...I say so becoz there were some amateur dancer and singer in juniors who really bored us...still they got the confidence to be on the stage..and I appreciate that!

we also gave welcome to our juniors...each senior giving a gift to a junior...then had dinner...and in the end came the best part....the DJ night...MRC

as the music came are we started dance on the beats! The guys were on one side..and the gals on the other..and slowly, everyone joined and had fun..some guys took their chances and flirted with the junior gals :P and danced with them..and some just have 'drinks' and swaying like branches of tree..some showing their dancing bones..trying to impress the opposite sex and most of all doing our trademark barati dance!!

Anyway, I had fun..lot of jumping much so that my legs started paining!!....after 4.00 am we went to our room, on my way, I asked my friend what is he thinking...he replied--this is the last time we all are together..then No one could meet with one another..each one busy with their life...and he will miss that...and may be that's the essence of that function--to celebrate our togetherness ....for the last time!!

To keep in back in our memory!!

I need to say a line for this--
doesn't matter if seeds sprout, sampling to trees but whats more important is the shades it gives, food to eat :)
and this could be our motto to life?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

just some writing

Hello friends,

Hope all well from your side...Mine are not so good :) :)
anyway, its ages since I had written something about my life, I always tried some poetry's....though not as picturesque as a lot out their...I do keep it simple, may be I don't have much words in my vocabulary to play with :P

so, talking about my creative self...I do limit myself in few aspects of life..deeper, just too direct in tell others what I observed, felt. I have seen lot others out there in blogger, too imaginative and expressive in their pieces. I had tried something different, but then returned from where I have started. You can never leave the actual path of your beginning, even though you have modified your approach...that's something defines you right?

Anyway,I was never good at grammars , but still, its one of my hobby, to keep something at hands....its someway of taking your point out from the life...your takes.

Its a good way, to keep track at your feelings, reading books or writing something helps you some way or other. Its true, writing could be boring, but then, its refreshing too. Take an example of today, I had my exams on morning...doing some social networking in the evening and then thought of blogging something but no subject what so ever come to my mind for poetry..and here I am writing just what's coming in my mind!!

its all about creativity,
to keep alive the imagination,
the fire, the design,
to express what you got inside.

You may be good,
or just being different,
but then, that's what you...
be the real world, or be virtual!

just some writing for me,
to refresh my mind,
to represent what I believe,
or my takes on the life..... :) :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


the strength within,
the cry not heard of,

the fight everyday,
the unrest, the patience,
life, so hard fought for!!

had no time,
to watch others,
to feel these moments...
the emotions, craving,
to enjoy the blessings,
wish to be someone like you!!

you think its fun,
or you are the only one,
but a lo are there doing the same!
we run in despair,
your passion, our dare,
the pain , distress we you care??

yes, its survival...
or the fight to be fittest,
our endurance not thought of,

the dream, the duty,
the fear of fading away,
state of our living... truth so far off!!

Still I see,
changes I perceive,
I look around...find new hope,
will you be there,
keeping your promise,
so big responsibility to care off!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

walking with the heat...

Hello friends....its long time since I had written something....surely, time and work really don't work up together!! Having some tough time out there..studies and the scorching heat!!

So, here's another one from my side...

its too hot inside...

burning deep withing me,
tears in my eyes...
Add Videoas I look around.

searching for something,
there is emptiness somewhere,
what was it, what I wanted,
the one that will satisfy my heart!

walking , this shadeless world,
facing the heat on my side,
had I be alone for long?
or I was waiting for the right one....

tired, fatigue on my face,
tiny droplets of sweats,
dry mouth and cracked lips,
deserted , far away from anyone!!

then the breeze came,
or the falling of afternoon loo..
few clouds, drifting towards me,
spreading those blankets of love on me...

I was elated, happy of joy inside,
the emptiness recedes, for something new,
and I saw, what I was dying to find...
A stall of ....fruit juice, Lassi and cold drinks!!

Thank God I could quench my thirst,
drink to heart content...
really had a strenuous day,
and I entered inside the stall!! [:P][:D]

Monday, March 28, 2011

you just get along

listen...the whispers, the music,
feel..the vibration, the touch,
see...those colors, the patterns,
perceive...the fragrance around you,

experience, get acquainted...
understand the story of life as you go....
to choose or to get parted,
the places you are familiar with.

And you just get along!!

don't know what you get of you,
done with intent or view,
decide or just loose to fate,
find what had been reached by few!

words, thoughts, action....
war, peace, love and hate,
anger, compassion allowed to one,
still living for life, work for living.

confused? but then you carry along!!

each time you ponder,
or you take a side,
but again there you are,
same eat, sleep, live routine ....

need to grow up for the moment,
or just be making one's position,
the train drives on with the steam,
and the direction with the stations.

tired though you drive along!!

to praise or to criticize,
some ego and some pride,
take you on, get so far,
mold you from inside out....

so, do you have time,
or the senses you had,
each one helped yet not last,
and I blabber all this for you.......

got it?? still you read along!! [:P][;)]

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Don't's just Holi !!

the joy of colors,
the texture, the smells,
the power, the freedom,
the water, the joy.....
don't mind's just Holi !!

All the friends come,
move around, lets have fun,
spray water, balloons on hand,
color them all, in front of us....
don't's just Holi !!

Some ask us to withheld..
fall back, be safe,
just a tikka on head, small touch on cheek,
but do we listen, we want more,
don't's just Holi !!

just play Holi, take our chance,
make new relations, new friends,
may also search girls on line,
or just be mock fight or drills....
don't's just Holi !!

Yes, time changed, so the rules,
the choice, the time we had,
still we stick to roots,
as it give us the pleasure, so to others.....
just don't's just Holi !!

Simply put, have fun,
with family, had a great time,
with friends, meet new,
don't grow up,be in child play....
Don't's just Holi !!

Happy Holi friends!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

the wolf's howl

Its the dead night,
and the moon so bright...
somewhere wolves at distance,
howling at the sight.

are the sad or just happy,
sighing heavily or singing merrily?
or they are calling their kind,
to make the pack happening!

some say, they being the messenger,
to contact the dead ones, the soul,
or make the moon to sleep,
waiting for night to fall.

Do they prey in the night,
may be a simple fight,
in those dark shadows on trees....
on the rocks, at the height!

they are just formations of mist,
lively or creepy for time being,
their presence so fascinating,
folktales , characters on their name.

So, this dead still night,
echoed with those wails,
the wolfs, their howl....
had I been mesmerized,
by these nature's wonder at play?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


on the boat,
along the sea...
and the moonlight over me....
I watched the stars,
looked so far,
in all the tranquility, wished someone be there with me!!

on the bench,
at a garden,
all these flower plants around me...
I watched the birds,
looked the branches of trees,
in all the colors, wished someone to appreciate it with me!!

edge of a cliff,
on the mountain,
all I see is clouds so far away...
I shout, feel the adrenaline rush,
hear echos, the vertigo on,
yet, wanted someone to be thrill with me!!

one my own,
walking on a street,
and I thought a lot, emotions in heart...
I was happy, having some fun,
or just for a hangout,
still, I would love someone to accompany me!!

I have my worries,
part of joy or sorrow,
living my life as it is.....
the experience I gain,
live for the moments or moments to live,
and I wish someone to share it with me!! :) :) :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

the cobweb of life

the cobweb,

its encircling me,
these silky threads of life,
the shiny ones invite...
but pains, deep down inside!!

all those glitters, calls,
to compete, exceed in goals,
no end of the gain, it explore....
taking me farther from my soul!!

these webs, being so sticky,
so difficult to free from it's hold,
everything so dull, loosing focus....
entangling within, down it pulls!!

Why, creativity not works,
imagination stale,mind so blank,
had I lost myself or being at spotlight...
or just some emptiness taking the toll!!

Yes, some freedom, all I expect,
frustration, stress not more to take,
the spider of life, has it's effect..
but still I could untangle, run away!!

The cobweb, weaving around us,
threads holds, tightening the grip,
but the courage, it's not weak...
I will overcome...these silky strings??

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Living the way I do

Hey friends....tried some new things in my poetry from another perspective.....hope you like it!!!

Living the way I do

Fun, love ,friendship desired,
hang-out, travel all places,
what are the worries do I ask?
Its just what I wish for you,
Living....the way I do!!

haven't thought of future,
not much time to waste,
this moment is eternal for me...
Why do you brood sitting at home?
just enjoy your time....the way I do.

The school were for learning to score,
college to bunk, Comment on girls,
not work,its just great vacation to spend!
Why are you tensed?
just relax a bit...way I do!!

No..Yes, Being so confused?
Trying new things,thrills that work,
why are you so sporty with me,
come has so much to give,
don't fear open like the way I do!!

I know you have problems,
may be not lucky as I am,
but still I call, you are my friend,
be with me and you will start living...
Yeah, Living the way I do!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

plight of the Birds

Hello friends...
today I really want to say something about the plight of birds in cities, like the disappearing sparrows, and many more common birds, which made the morning beautiful with their chirruping...which when make nests in tree and fly in unison made a beautiful natural portrait to look to...something which we and our future generation got to miss now!!
We have this tall tree inside our hostel's garden...which had just shed all it's leaves looking bare but when filled up by all the birds (may be the only place in our college with so many birds...we have a large garden)....with their chirruping really elevates the mood.
Here is a poetry I write inspired by this.....

I was glad, pleased to see,
those small cotton balls fluttering around me...
with their dummy fight, pricking,
or their flying spree.

my leaves, my branches spreading,
fruits and flowers all being inviting,
they help me grew over and out,
and are my friends in lonely night.

But now where are you,
the empty nests searches,
so is the deserted view,
what happened ....why did you go?

I am not gone, only afraid,
what to do,not a place is safe,
they kill, take us home,
or they just destroy our nest !

changed our way of living,
those shades, bark, food,
poisoned soil and water we drink...
we wait, hope to swim afloat and not sink!!

These birds, they chirrup make me worry,
their droppings, wastes damages the beauty,
why give them home if it give me money,
Do what's good for me, will not be sorry,

Their sound and much I miss,
have I gone too far, no return to repent,
undo the loss, barren are the places,
the mere presence would be a bliss!!

Oh me, oh us why we ignored,
should have given a chance,
the tranquility of nature we going to miss,
the joy of watching, hearing and feeling their's all I wish!
I the bird, the tree , the conscious man much time we need to realize this fact?