Saturday, March 19, 2011

Don't's just Holi !!

the joy of colors,
the texture, the smells,
the power, the freedom,
the water, the joy.....
don't mind's just Holi !!

All the friends come,
move around, lets have fun,
spray water, balloons on hand,
color them all, in front of us....
don't's just Holi !!

Some ask us to withheld..
fall back, be safe,
just a tikka on head, small touch on cheek,
but do we listen, we want more,
don't's just Holi !!

just play Holi, take our chance,
make new relations, new friends,
may also search girls on line,
or just be mock fight or drills....
don't's just Holi !!

Yes, time changed, so the rules,
the choice, the time we had,
still we stick to roots,
as it give us the pleasure, so to others.....
just don't's just Holi !!

Simply put, have fun,
with family, had a great time,
with friends, meet new,
don't grow up,be in child play....
Don't's just Holi !!

Happy Holi friends!!

1 comment:

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

No matter how much the time changes, until there is a child inside us, these festivals will be celebrated with such fun and frolic.

Blasphemous Aesthete