Saturday, March 5, 2011


on the boat,
along the sea...
and the moonlight over me....
I watched the stars,
looked so far,
in all the tranquility, wished someone be there with me!!

on the bench,
at a garden,
all these flower plants around me...
I watched the birds,
looked the branches of trees,
in all the colors, wished someone to appreciate it with me!!

edge of a cliff,
on the mountain,
all I see is clouds so far away...
I shout, feel the adrenaline rush,
hear echos, the vertigo on,
yet, wanted someone to be thrill with me!!

one my own,
walking on a street,
and I thought a lot, emotions in heart...
I was happy, having some fun,
or just for a hangout,
still, I would love someone to accompany me!!

I have my worries,
part of joy or sorrow,
living my life as it is.....
the experience I gain,
live for the moments or moments to live,
and I wish someone to share it with me!! :) :) :)

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