Monday, March 28, 2011

you just get along

listen...the whispers, the music,
feel..the vibration, the touch,
see...those colors, the patterns,
perceive...the fragrance around you,

experience, get acquainted...
understand the story of life as you go....
to choose or to get parted,
the places you are familiar with.

And you just get along!!

don't know what you get of you,
done with intent or view,
decide or just loose to fate,
find what had been reached by few!

words, thoughts, action....
war, peace, love and hate,
anger, compassion allowed to one,
still living for life, work for living.

confused? but then you carry along!!

each time you ponder,
or you take a side,
but again there you are,
same eat, sleep, live routine ....

need to grow up for the moment,
or just be making one's position,
the train drives on with the steam,
and the direction with the stations.

tired though you drive along!!

to praise or to criticize,
some ego and some pride,
take you on, get so far,
mold you from inside out....

so, do you have time,
or the senses you had,
each one helped yet not last,
and I blabber all this for you.......

got it?? still you read along!! [:P][;)]

1 comment:

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

All that I am after, is a life full of laughter...

:) :P

And I still read it through :D