Saturday, May 28, 2011

Go VillAGE

Well friends,

I was just thinking...sometimes, this Patriotic side of mine take over me and then I just think what could be done to save India. When we really think like this we think Corruption, poverty, terrorism, Pakistan, China, Army....and the list goes on. But this time, a different idea took over.

Just think why being the largest in cultivable land, a rich tradition and beautiful places in our country, we lack behind in the world..No one wants to live in the village..and all the migration thing. Why does it happens? because of gross misuse and inaction by us. Every one thinks of making the City world standard..No one thinks the same for the village. A private partnership in such field could do wonders but then our politician only think of Industries and mining in village in the name of private sect this are even if short term..can keep their pockets warm!

So what's a Go VillAGE inc? A multi state or multi village private sector which could promote and develop the Indian Village in a systemic and scientific way...So that the villagers, the private company could benefit from this symbiosis and also serves the Nation. It will also protect the environment. Say organic Farming, village marts and tourism of these villages from those tired City peoples, Water harvesting, Solar power..proper utilisation of Village farm lands, making pond for Fish Farming...these are all plans which need money and only a rich businessman or Government body could do this...In this age of corruption, we can't expect the same from the Government, so public private partnership could do!

A green bank, where the farmers could deposit their lands...means, as farm points depending on the size of land...then they were also given work in their own field and whatever seeds are planted/ harvested were then distributed to the farmers according to the farm points and work points they also means work for farmers and steady income. There will also by guarantee of good harvest as the company will do its best by using proper seed, protecting the farm and great harvest due to proper water supply. The land mass will definitely be bigger because I know a lot of land being wasted by village farmers in making boundaries for their small lands ...and there would be No need of boundaries. Land will remain in the name of farmers but they can't withdraw it in between. Just like we do with the money in the safe deposits!

The company will also renovate the village in such way that it look proper village but with all modern facilities too like electricity, toilets, television. It could make the proper roads..create guest house for tourism purpose..establish small village marts as a market for traditional village goods. To develop Vidyalaya/schools, which teaches everything and create awareness about Indian glorious past...Gurukul system and teaches Indian ethos to children or to the visitors too.

It will also establish Ponds, Animal farms, Fruit trees and recruit village people as workers...The company would sell these products and get the profit....and slowly and steadily the village will develop, It will stop Migration, stop inflation, No farmer deaths...and then there would be more Look Village policy!...And this time not for industrialisation or mining. The villagers don't have to leave their land too!!

These might be dreams but there are lot of Billionaire out there...they they could at least spare a million for this noble cause and to do some business which could actually serve the Nation...What use does buying IPL teams, Foreign hotels?? Anyway just an idea...Hope you like it!!

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