Saturday, May 14, 2011

something I missed

life is not that Sitting on a veranda, brooding about how's the time is passing...suddenly realising that you are getting older but you hadn't lived your younger days enough...Story of many goal oriented guy out there ....they are so focused that they forget, a lot of life they are missing! tried to write something of this

sitting on the porch, I watched..
evening and the sunset,
the breeze felt so cold,
so be in my heart....

The days are going so slow,
or dry, are the seasons,
the time has just freezes,
or just my mind got stalled...

do I miss something,
spark that I do wish,
someone that I have been waiting for,
or just a change in air!!

young are those days,
played, or gone for a tuition,
mindless exploring of new place,
or be lazy in my home....

curious were those days,
dreaming big, amazed by new things,
new sparks of attraction,
the desire, the thought it brings...

but still studies and school,
and then home and tuition,
running all time, closing my eyes,
had I missed the station...of my young life!!

and on the porch,
I was asking myself,
have I missed some part,
guess it was not something I cared...
or something deep in my heart?

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Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Perhaps, they'll never stop aging until their goals are met.

Youth comes with satisfaction, and satisfaction is where the heart is.

Yes, the little merry makings of everyday life, they should not be missed, but indulging in every revelry, we need to draw a line.

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete