Saturday, May 7, 2011

with friends, to the beach...

that coming my way,
trees waving over me,
So was I, on the road.....
My bike and some friends!!

Speed or race,just not all,
Nor ego or pride to fall,
we wanted to get it on,
the guy in us to have it done......
and the road was abandoned, only for us!!

our shouts and small talks,
moving along the Mahanadi's Bank,
Winds that push us back,
with its harsh blow to our face...
but that was Lot's of fun!!

standing at side of a bridge...
watching as the river flows,
feeling the force of the roar,
and taking some photographs....
just to capture the moments!!

Got to visit a near Beach,
and to bath with the summer sun,
running and playing on wet sands,
breaking or holding some hands......
just to heighten our spirits!!

Is it Innate, is it freedom,
or some crazy human stuffs,
is it dream, or some hope,
or to avoid the daily stress...
but it just on my writing!!

a little vacation on cards....
to feel all above..with some friends!! Nice try na??

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