Sunday, July 3, 2011

So I asked..

Questions, puzzles all around,

as I sat wondering,
answers, logic all confusing,
doubting my own tries.
So I asked...
thoughts that emerge,
things needing explanation,
wanting my time to spare!!

I ask my presence,
the life that I got,
I ask the unimaginable,
so be the God.
the nature be there,
the system we adhere,
the society, the customs,
the relations we so care!!

So I sat on the bench,
alone with myself to be company,
the trees by my side,
and the grasses on my feet.
may be I was daydreaming,
or being engrossed in the thoughts,
time moved on, so the world,
the answers still not come!!

So I asked...
the reasons,the cause,
the moments that lost,
the explanation it brought.
the bench getting wet,
and skin felt cold,
the darkness that followed,
the mind that got blank.

I do have my opinions,
but there's a lot more,
the tryst would come again,
the strife will continue,
but for now I retire,
giving my mind some rest,
emptying the bench, plants below it...
for some new one to take his time!!

So I asked...
is it time,
to return from where I come,
to the world now...where I belong!!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

You asked a lot of deep questions in one go, and sat all alone with nature to find them. So, did you find the answers?

Blasphemous Aesthete

mk said... some opinion..but not any definite answer :)