Friday, September 9, 2011

Spare a thought...

Hey friends, Another terror strike in the capital, and our government inaction is really making us angry!!
I am sad thinking about what happened to those poor victims who have now lost many things in the peaceful life with no faults of their own?
What was their mistake to face this ordeal of pain....Will the Government admit their fault or just use the same old sympathy and condolence trick to fool the people?? 
Just a small poetry, thinking of a character/ a person who had lost his friend/family in this terror strike and his emotions when some VIPs come and  just give sympathy and save their face!!

Spare a thought,
to see the unseen,
for once a while,
to stand for something better.

we all know it,
yet we don't recognize,
we make an opinion,
but to follow is far too difficult!!

I am tired, disheartened..
weak we have become,
being a mute spectator,
taking action had never option.

I asked, I cried,
why we had been chosen,
what's our mistake,
its the leaders..who hadn't spoken!!

But then what we expect,
fools gotten the fool,
the weak taken the weaker,
allowing  this bloodshed to occur??

how they can't realize?
or they are too blind,
does they know responsibility,
or just know to hide behind!!

I want them to know,
to get the grief I never wanted,
let them face the death, the fear,
the despair, the frustration......

don't give sympathy,
you have lost your credibility,
Now just its a matter of honor,
will you bring it back??
Just Spare a Thought!!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Despite of it all, I cannot quite understand what else can the politicians do. Terrorists don't take permission from politicians to bomb places. It's the failure of intelligence agencies, the workforce.

Blasphemous Aesthete

mk said...

the will to act is really lost.
if you don't punish a thief, then he is more incline for another theft!!

politicians don't give swift punishment or enforce law against, wht do u expect!!

Viyoma said...

The poetry is good. But what alternate you suggest. Terror Strikes need better Intelligence to combat. It is not Government dependent alone, Awareness, Education, more importantly Civic Sense are first steps to a better safety.